How CH2M Builds its Brand and Strengthens Employee Networks

October 27, 2016

LinkedIn Employee Activation

Relationships fuel CH2M’s business – they help spread the word that our work is improving lives all over the world. Our employees already do a great job of talking up our projects, like revitalizing urban waterfronts, expanding rapid transit systems, and supporting sustainability initiatives. Social media, we realized, offered a way for CH2M employees to strengthen their relationships with their networks – and LinkedIn Elevate, an employee advocacy solution, opened the door to greater social media savviness for them.

An Easier Way to Share Thought Leadership Content

While our employees were enthusiastic about sharing what we do at CH2M and what it’s like to work here, they were hesitant to share their enthusiasm with their social networks. To make it easier for them to share our thought leadership content and become more active, we chose LinkedIn Elevate. We knew it would be an easy sell – it’s part of LinkedIn, which people already know and use, so it has credibility. And since employees could see the benefits of social sharing right away – such as more profile views and connections – we figured their excitement would be contagious.

Elevate also provides an easy path for us to suggest content, such as news about our community projects, profiles of employees, and general news about the engineering and consulting industries. We provide a mix of content to employees, not just news about the company – so that they’ll be engaged, build stronger relationships, and become trusted sources of information. Elevate’s analytics help us do a better job of honing in on content that actually drives engagement. We look at these numbers on a monthly basis and fine-tune our content strategy based on the most popular topics.

Lifting the Brand and Improving Social Savviness

But Elevate isn’t just telling us who’s engaging with which content. It’s shedding light on how our program actually impacts our brand and our employees. Since we started using Elevate, employees are sharing 8x more than before, and as a result are influencing 5x more Company Page followers and 3x more Company Page views. And it’s no surprise, as the engagement rate on our employee-shared content is over 2%.

The bottom line is that greater employee advocacy can lift our brand, and help employees build powerful networks. We’re going to extend Elevate to even more employees – it’s good for their professional brands, and good for the company.

To learn more about how LinkedIn Elevate can help your business, click here.