How Pearson is Building Its Company Reputation

July 25, 2016

LinkedIn Elevate

You are likely familiar with Pearson if you’re one of the millions of people around the world who use its educational tools, content, products, and services. These might be school textbooks, online assessments for professional qualifications or on-the-job training —essentially, the things people need to help them make progress in their lives through better learning.

Pearson partnered with LinkedIn Elevate to leverage its employees to help build its reputation as the world’s education company, and has already seen tremendous results. Here’s how they did it.

Train on Social Media

Pearson knows the importance of cultivating a culture around learning. Not everyone in a company will have the same level of comfort with social media, so Pearson first focused on training employees on the importance of being social professionals. It centered communications on developing employees’ personal brand and why it’s important to have a professional brand.

“The LinkedIn team, as experts on professional branding, really helped us with training materials that resonated with our employees. We were able to show employees how sharing content builds their own brands, grows their network and allows them to connect with experts in their fields,” says Anna Bowen, Director of Employee Communication.

Scale Social Media Efforts Through Employee Advocacy

Elevate, LinkedIn’s employee advocacy tool, was the final piece of the training puzzle - an easy way for employees to take all they had learned about building their own brands and put it to use by sharing smart curated content.

“With Elevate, our employees have easy access to quality content on a variety of topics that they sign up to, for sharing with their social networks. We have seen engagement go up dramatically,” explains Bowen. In fact, sharing post-Elevate is 7x higher than before the tool was implemented.

And, the quality of these shares is higher too. Pearson has seen a 3.7x higher engagement rate on employee shares versus their own shares, company page views have increased 2.5x and company page followers have increased 2x. 

Motivate Employees to Continue Sharing via Content and Results

But, what keeps employees coming back after the initial excitement of using a new product? First, Pearson takes its content seriously. Its curators were coached to help them be thoughtful about what is interesting to employees, and strike a balance between general postings and company-specific content.

As Bowen says, “We’ve seen how our content choices influence our employee share rate, as well as who it attracts when a piece of content is shared. Because of these results, one of our content strategies this year is to work with colleagues in HR to identify areas we want to recruit in and post content that will be interesting to both our employees and to prospective hires in their network. Elevate will help us reach new audiences,” says Bowen.

A huge motivator to employees is to understand the impact of sharing on their own personal brand. “Users love seeing how their sharing has impacted their own brands, for example through number of profile views and number of engagements on their posts,” explains Bowen. With daily emails, notifications, and an analytics page detailing the impact of their shares, Elevate keeps employees engaged and interested in sharing more content.

Pearson has successfully implemented an employee advocacy program, and you can too. To learn more about Pearson’s journey, check out this case study.

To learn more about LinkedIn Elevate, check out our site.