How Procore Showcases Innovative Thinking and Influences Sales with LinkedIn Elevate

December 23, 2016

LinkedIn Elevate

Editor's Note: This post was contributed by Carey Larson, Social Marketing Manager, at Procore.

At Procore, we’re proud of our knowledge of the construction industry, and we love to share what we know. We even created The Jobsite, our own news website on construction trends, which we fill with content from our own industry experts. We’ve always been rich in content, but we didn’t always have a way to help our rapidly growing employee base share it with customers, prospects, and potential new hires. Now that we’re using LinkedIn Elevate, employees find it incredibly easy to share news about Procore and the construction industry – which is leading to new sales and even new hires.

Some of our employees were already sharing content with their connections on an ad hoc basis, but there wasn’t an easy way to track their engagement, or to develop a content strategy that matched our business goals. For example, as a B2B business, we want to strategically place our products in front of as many prospects as possible. We also want to highlight the construction industry’s adoption of innovative technology, something that many people, inside and outside of this market, aren’t aware of. These goals would be accomplished, we believed, if employees had an easy and safe platform for sharing content across social channels – which they’d feel comfortable using every day.

Since our sales team was using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for social selling, adding Elevate was a natural fit. Ease of use matters a lot to us: Bringing on a new platform can mean extensive training. But with Elevate, everyone who knows how to use LinkedIn can start sharing content with their connections right away. To get employees on board, we created a training webinar, as well as a Slack channel where curators could talk about content strategy.

We asked sales and marketing employees to be our first Elevate users, given our goals of generating leads and increasing thought leadership. Our hope was that other employees would see the value of their colleagues’ advocacy, and would come around to Elevate on their own, instead of us requiring them to participate. We also sought support from top executives, since employees would follow their lead. The organic approach worked: The social influencers in our company fueled interest in employees who want to become thought leaders themselves.

Unlike the ad hoc social tools some employees were using, Elevate gives us knowledge that we can use to drive action. A salesperson who sees someone engaging in a post about Procore’s new drawing tools can reach out to that prospect and offer more information. And with tracking codes in our content, we can follow engagement from the initial like or comment all the way through the sales cycle.

In fact, we know that some recently closed deals, as well as two new engineering hires, were influenced by our employees sharing content through Elevate. Since we started using Elevate, employees are sharing 4X as frequently as they did before and, as a result, are seeing 2x more people visiting their profiles. Their sharing is also influencing 2X more Procore Company Page views. Month after month, we’ve seen incredible value from Elevate – we’ve increased engagement, added referral traffic from LinkedIn to the Procore website, influenced new hires, and closed sales deals. We know that this value comes from employees finding Elevate easy to adopt and use.

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