How Your Employees Can Increase Your Content Marketing Influence

June 29, 2016

How Your Employees Can Increase Your Content Marketing Influence

We all know that content is king, and marketers are always looking for more ways to increase engagement with their content. One of the best ways to drive engagement is through a company’s best advocates - its employees. Your employees’ networks are huge; on average they’re 10x larger than your company page followers.. Employees are also 3x more trusted than CEOs. So it’s not surprising that when employees share content, they see an engagement rate that is 2x higher than when their company shares the same content.

Content marketing savvy companies thus look beyond their own social channels to those of their employees as a way to extend their reach and engagement. Because of their large networks and influence on content engagement, employee sharing helps to build brand awareness and extends the reach of marketing campaigns. But don’t just take our word for it. With the Content Marketing Score (CMS), marketers can measure performance by quantifying and benchmarking the effect of their employees’ sharing on their content’s performance and overall influence on LinkedIn.

In order to better understand the power that employee sharing has on a company’s content impact, and thus their CMS, we analyzed a subset of customers using LinkedIn Elevate, a leading employee advocacy platform that empowers employees to share smart content. We compared the Content Marketing Score before and after Elevate, and found that companies using Elevate see, on average, a 26% increase in their CMS after 3 months of usage. We also found that companies using Elevate see, on average, a 59% increase in their employee-driven engagements after 3 months of usage. And, Elevate motivates employees to share even more - on average 5x more than they did before using Elevate.

With these results, it’s no surprise that 56%* of the top content marketing brands on LinkedIn already use employee advocacy solutions. Companies who empower their employees to share smart content are at a great advantage compared to those who don’t. So don’t get left behind. 

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Methodological details: Results based on Elevate customers activating in 2015 with at least 100 active users. Percent changes were calculated based on the average of the 3 months prior to activation compared to the average of the 3 months after (and including the month of) activation. Month of activation was based on the first month in which 100 active users was reached. Actual results may vary.

*56% of the top companies (ranked by CMS) have an employee advocacy program in place as of May 2016.

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