Introducing the Official Guide to Employee Advocacy

Your roadmap to authentic engagement

September 29, 2016

Introducing the Official Guide to Employee Advocacy

If brand-building is your top priority, you have a powerful secret weapon: your employees. The more your employees share news about your company and industry, the better you’re able to extend your reach and drive engagement with your brand. But how do you encourage employees to market your brand? LinkedIn’s Official Guide to Employee Advocacy is your roadmap to creating a program that engages the audiences you want to reach.

Why should you create an employee advocacy program? Employees are exponentially better at reaching your desired audiences. First off, your employee’s networks are collectively about 10 times larger than your company’s followers, so they can greatly expand reach. When employees share content, it’s viewed as three times more authentic – so messages have more impact and cut through advertising clutter. In fact, when employees share content they typically see a click-through rate that is 2x higher than when their company shares the same content.

Get started with employee advocacy

So, you need an employee advocacy program – and the new ebook will explain the steps needed to build it out:

  • Establish a content strategy based on your goals. For example, you may want to communicate a brand refresh, or engage a new target audience. The content should be a mix of company, industry, and general news; as a rule, no more than 25% of your content should be company-specific.
  • Identify employees that can help you achieve these goals. Start with employees who are already active on social media. They’ll become ambassadors for other employees who need guidance.
  • Help employees understand what’s in it for them. They can build their own professional reputations while making the business more successful.

The ebook also explains how LinkedIn Elevate can turbocharge your employee advocacy program, and automate many of the tasks associated with it. For instance, Elevate curates content for you, so you don’t have to spend extra time searching for relevant news. Also, Elevate helps you measure your brand-building efforts so you instantly know if your content strategy is working. You’ll discover if employee advocacy is driving more traffic to your website, leads for your sales teams or even views of your Company Pages.

The Official Guide to Employee Advocacy has also collected insights from social media and content experts, so you can build your own knowledge of employee advocacy best practices. These insights will also provide you with solid arguments for employee advocacy, so you can win support and resources for your program. 

For more information on activating your employees on social media, download the new ebook, "The Official Guide to Employee Advocacy" today.