LinkedIn Elevate Makes Progress in Simplifying Employee Advocacy Through Data

From Visa to Unilever, brands finding greater data insights to expand their influence

October 25, 2016

LinkedIn Elevate

Employee Advocacy programs have become a powerful tool for companies aiming to increase conversations relevant to their business. In fact, more than 60% of companies are actively building programs today because they’ve found that this strategy make it possible to increase content reach and authentically engage with their target audiences.

But with all needle-moving business strategies, executing a successful Employee Advocacy program is challenging. Not only does it require selecting the right employees and the right content, it also requires the motivation to drive long term participation which can be supported by a data-driven product that pulls it all together.  

Since its launch last year, LinkedIn Elevate -- our employee advocacy solution application -- has helped hundreds of companies embrace the possibilities, and in turn, build strategic employee advocacy programs designed to take the guesswork out of content amplification.

Companies like Visa and Unilever are leveraging LinkedIn’s platform of more than 450 million users to optimize their most valuable asset -- their employees. Through Elevate, these companies were able to act on unique insights at every stage of their program development. This ability to infuse network data into their workflow helped them solve for key challenges, resulting in increased company and employee engagement.

Creating social professionals

Getting started is often the hardest part of launching a new program. To ease that burden, Elevate uses LinkedIn profile data to help companies identify their “social stars” upfront -- employees who are most active on social media today. Once live, company-specific algorithms learn the kind of content employees are most likely to share with their network, and prioritizes these stories for their feed. Visa, recognizing the passion and pride of its employees, wanted to provide a way for their employees to help engage new audiences with company-based content.

Through Elevate, they transformed their employees into industry thought leaders, with those using the product sharing content 5x more frequently than before. This resulted in 4x more company page followers and 3x more company pageviews.

Attracting and engaging top talent

Unilever wanted to empower their entire global workforce to share important pieces of content but doing this successfully meant finding the right content -- both for their target audiences and for their employees. Elevate looked across the LinkedIn network to find the content that is being engaged with most, by audience, and suggested that to curators to help them be successful before they start. Elevate also helped Unilever see what functions and industries their employees shares have engaged in the most to help them better understand their impact.

Through Elevate, Unilever’s employees shared content 14x more often than their peers. The company has also seen a 5x increase in employee-influenced job views as well as a 6x boost in company page views and new followers.

As Elevate continues to add new features, Unilever plans to expand access across its entire employee base.

Optimizing for success

A company’s secret weapon for authentic brand communication is their employee base.  Empowering employees to share content not only helps companies increase the reach and engagement of their content, it adds an element of authenticity to their brand. Those who do this successfully at scale are tapping into a trend that can help them shine in an environment where it’s often difficult to stand out.

For more information on activating your employees on social media, download the new ebook, "The Official Guide to Employee Advocacy" today.