AccorHotels Energizes Employee Sharing & Revamps Internal Communications through Employee Advocacy

July 27, 2017

AccorHotels Employee Advocacy

AccorHotels is one of the leading real estate companies in the world. We have holdings in every segment of the market, from elite to economy, and are one of the only hospitality groups with holdings in private rentals as well.

Our organization has over 250,000 employees spread across the globe. The diversity and sheer number can make it difficult to communicate our vision, strategies and values internally and externally.

We developed an employee advocacy program to help boost our employees’ professional brands, and as a way to humanize and publicize our brand messaging. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it also became a powerful part of our brand’s internal communications efforts.

Here is what we learned about building a sustainable program that connects our employees with our brand, and our brand with their networks.

Start Small

We decided to take a modest approach to our pilot program: Just 2,000 people. That may not sound like a small group, but it was less than 10% of our employee base. But we didn’t try to get all 2,000 people on board right away.

First, we identified 10% of that total, 200 employees, who were already active on social networks. Our employee advocacy platform, LinkedIn Elevate, helped us find the people who were likely to have early success on the platform.

Once our initial group was up and sharing, we used our intranet to help educate the rest of the organization. Finally, we sent a global email to help fill out the rest of the program.

This approach allowed the program gain momentum quickly, generating results that helped us present a business case to management. We were able to prove ROI in just the first month of the program, thanks to our strategic approach to rollout.

Curate Exceptional Content

We selected a team of internal curators to help supply content for employees to share. The idea was to curate content that was interesting to employees and their audience, but which was also in line with our overall communication strategy. We identified five key priorities of communication and made sure our curated content would help reinforce these priorities.

One of our major goals was to humanize the brand and empower employees to tell their own stories. So part of our curation effort was to educate and encourage employees to publish on LinkedIn. What’s great about Elevate is that it automatically detects employee-published posts and brings it into the platform, so we could easily share those posts with employees across the company.

Use Your Platform for Internal Communications

Now that our program is going full steam ahead, we have also made Elevate a platform for internal communications, not just employee advocacy. We send out reminders through the platform, and we use the content queue to share announcements and internal messaging. We can label whether the content is for internal or external use, so employees can’t accidentally share something that’s only meant for our team.

Elevate helps keep the content queue organized--we can add topics and sort content based on what each participating group needs to see. In as large and diverse an organization as AccorHotels, that level of content organization is vital to the program’s success.

Communicate Your Results

As I said, we were able to prove ROI for the program within the first month. But we didn’t stop reporting results after we made a business case for the platform. We keep enthusiasm up and encourage participation by regularly sharing results with the team.

Here’s just a sample of what our employees have been able to achieve through our employee advocacy platform:

  • Employees are sharing 7x more than they did before we started
  • Our participants have grown their networks by nearly 4,000 new connections
  • We generated $541,000 in earned media value in three months

Most importantly, we have realized our goal of promoting the human aspect of our organization. We know our message is more likely to be trusted when it’s coming from the employee, sincerely and authentically, instead of the brand.

LinkedIn Elevate is a platform that leverages LinkedIn data to help you create a sustainable global employee advocacy program and maximize your success. Learn more about LinkedIn Elevate.