Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy With Employee Advocacy [eBook]

September 28, 2017

Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy With Employee Advocacy [eBook]

If you’ve ever been to London, you’ve no doubt heard the friendly reminder to “Please mind the gap” before boarding an underground train. It’s a useful warning for a very specific circumstance--don’t fall between the train and the platform.

But as a marketer, boarding a train isn’t the only place you should heed that warning. Content marketing has gaps that can be challenging to overcome. For example, consumers are becoming harder to reach and engage, creating an increasingly large divide between your target audience and the audience you reach organically. Not to mention the infamous gap of translating marketing into sales.

So how can you bridge these disparities? We recommend turning to your own teammates to enhance your content strategy.

Employee advocacy, empowering employees to share content, can help fill in the spaces between your marketing goals and actual results. And advocacy isn’t just for the top of the funnel and attracting new, relevant audiences. By replying to comments, sharing relevant content and more, your employees can develop relationships with prospects and motivate new sales as well.  

We created Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy with Employee Advocacy to help you develop a full-funnel content strategy that leverages employee advocacy boost your existing efforts. This eBook is packed with real-world case studies and research from top enterprises like AccorHotels and CEB, to help you find the right strategies for your team.

Download Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy With Employee Advocacy to learn:

  • How to drive brand awareness with employee advocacy
  • How to build relationships through content and conversation
  • How to inspire purchases by empowering sales to share content

Every employee has the ability to attract, nurture, and convert leads in their own networks. Help them get started by using the strategies and lessons outlined in our latest eBook.

Download Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy With Employee Advocacy and get your golden ticket to full-funnel employee advocacy.