Broadening the Reach and Impact of Content Through Employee Advocacy

May 25, 2017

Nvidia Employee Advocacy

From artificial intelligence and virtual reality to gaming and self-driving cars, NVIDIA has made amazing breakthroughs and created innovative products. Behind each of these are great stories, like how we’re accelerating cancer research with AI.

Our employees are proud of their achievements, and want to share these stories with the rest of the world.

For the digital marketing team at NVIDIA, our priority was to create a program that would not only make social sharing easy, but also:

  • bring the power of social selling to our sales teams,
  • attract even more great talent to NVIDIA, and
  • deliver content in a way that could scale from employee’s networks to millions of people.

By building an employee advocacy program that tapped into the networks of every NVIDIA employee, we could amplify our reach exponentially. With the right tool, employees could easily keep up with the latest going on at the company and get the content relevant to their expertise to bolster their presence as thought leaders. This would make it easier to communicate NVIDIA’s stories, help employees create deeper relationships with their customers, and take our social media engagement levels to new heights.

More Content to Share, and More Employees to Share It

Our earliest efforts started with emails across the organization to amplify key messages. It was a good start, but email-based distribution had its shortcomings. Shares were difficult to track, and determining reach and engagement was inadequate. We were also limited by the format: an email can only have so many pieces of content before it becomes unwieldy. As a result, we were leaving out a large swath of news from various businesses, and we didn’t want to shortchange any of them.

After researching various tools, we determined LinkedIn Elevate had the features we needed. And it would provide rich data valuable to our marketing efforts.

Once we launched LinkedIn Elevate, we were able to include the full breadth of content from across our business units, without filling up people’s inboxes. Elevate made it easy for employees to share with their networks, and for us to measure the impact both broadly and on an individual basis.

To make sure Elevate’s launch was a success, we:

  • Chose curators from each business unit, asking these experts to champion feeding relevant content into Elevate for employees to share.
  • Onboarded our sales team, integrating with our sales navigator and social selling programs.
  • Met early on with our marketing organization, so when new products launch or interesting articles are published, they’d make adding them into Elevate a priority.
  • Partnered with our communications teams, orchestrating emails, blogs, and intranet posts on the value of Elevate to employees.
  • NVIDIA’s AI and automotive presence at CES was one recent example where we internally highlighted the success of employees leveraging Elevate to share our announcements around self-driving cars.
  • Integrated Elevate training into our new-hire orientations.
  • Incorporated Elevate into quarterly executive reports as well as all-hands meetings at NVIDIA.

Organic Growth of Employee Advocacy

Diverse content creation, a good implementation strategy, and selection of the right advocacy tool created impressive results. Our goal was to get 1,000 employees using Elevate in the first six months. We exceeded that in four.

Employees saw how useful social sharing was for their roles, and began joining organically, without any prompts to do so. We were pleased to see similar feedback from our sales teams: they found it beneficial for strengthening their relationships with customers, and staying up to date on NVIDIA products without spending time searching for the best way to share the information.

The results? Our employees are sharing content six times as often as they did before, which has led to more NVIDIA company page views and followers. We’re also keeping company leaders up to date on the program’s reach and success – with a quarterly brief on user growth, content sharing, and audience demographics.

With a wider range of content to choose from, our employees have become confident advocates for our business. Equally impressive, we’ve seen some incredible results from the company perspective in under a year. Take a look:

  • 3x more NVIDIA company page views and followers
  • 3x more views of employee profiles
  • 2x more applications to NVIDIA jobs via LinkedIn
  • 1.6% engagement rate on employee-shared content
  • $1.2M annualized earned media value (projected) and 65M reached across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Over 100,000 clicks to NVIDIA content

Elevate has made it increasingly clear that there is quantifiable value to employee advocacy programs. Once we saw the great results pour in, we haven’t looked back.

Learn more about how LinkedIn Elevate can help your employees become more social.