Capgemini Brings Thought Leadership Content to New Audiences with LinkedIn Elevate

February 24, 2017


This guest post was contributed by Parker Ward, Global Head of Digital and Content, Capgemini.

At Capgemini, we’re fortunate to have almost 1,000 thought leaders in our Expert Connect program worldwide. The content they produce gives us valuable information to share with our audiences, helping build awareness of the Capgemini brand. But asking thought leaders to share this content on a consistent basis requires many hours of coordination – and often yields little data about the impact of social sharing.

We knew that employee advocacy would be beneficial to our brand and for sales, but not everyone is ready for it right out of the gate – some employees are just getting started with social and need some guidance. Our in-house platform didn’t offer the user-friendly features that would encourage social newcomers to share content confidently – it required a separate login and didn’t yield analytics that would help us grow the program. LinkedIn Elevate helped us move away from ad hoc management of employee advocacy.

Elevate eliminated the roadblocks to employee advocacy posed by our-in-house platform. First of all, it’s part of LinkedIn, a familiar tool for our Expert Connect participants. We knew they’d be willing to try Elevate for that reason alone, and also because they wouldn’t need to remember an extra login. There’s also an Elevate mobile app, which fits the way employees do business now – they can share content from anywhere and don’t have to wait until they’re in front of a computer.

Elevate also helps us supply a steady flow of relevant content to users. We choose broad topics that employees see in the Elevate news feed, based on our brand messages. Employees then have the freedom to choose content that they think their connections will appreciate. They can independently manage the content they choose to share, which helps them build their professional brands. We are careful to avoid asking them to promote the Capgemini brand all the time, as we don’t want to turn their posts into a full-time sales channel. We respect the fact that they have all different kinds of content to share with their connections – in fact, this gives them more credibility as industry thought leaders.

For us social media managers, Elevate gives us a view into what works and what doesn’t in terms of social advocacy. We can map results by every piece of content shared and every audience we need to reach. By viewing types of content most often shared, as well as topics, our content came become even more useful for our audience.

Since we began using Elevate, our employees are sharing content 3X more than before. Their sharing is influencing 2X more Company Page views and followers than before, and is also influencing 2X more views of our job listings and even job applications. We see employees engage with their connections more often, and as a result they’re seeing 2x more profile views than before. They sometimes even share content when they’re on vacation – a sign of how easy it is to find something interesting in the Elevate news feed and bring it to the attention of their communities. Elevate has truly become part of their daily routine.

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