How DocuSign Fuels their Employee Advocacy Program for Perpetual Engagement

July 13, 2017

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Editor's Note: This post was contributed by Gregor Perotto, Senior Director, Global Corporate Marketing & Communications at DocuSign, Inc.

DocuSign is the pioneer and global standard for e-signature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM). We help inidividuals and organizations of every size, industry and geography make the digital transformation by empowering them to sign, send and manage agreements digitally - anytime, anywhere, on any device - quickly, easily and securely.

We wanted to drive deeper social engagement across our more than 2,000 worldwide employees. We knew that encouraging employees to share on social media could boost their professional reputations while raising our brand awareness. Particularly, we wanted to empower our sales staff to share information, thought leadership, and news with potential and existing customers to increase their engagement with our brand.

Our employee advocacy program started as a mostly informal series of emails and Salesforce chatter posts. We sent out links to content with suggested social messages and encouraged people to share them. There was some level of participation, but we needed a more scalable, more efficient process for our program to be sustainable.

We chose LinkedIn Elevate as a platform that could make sharing more centralized, easier to do, and much easier to track. But the right platform is only half the battle--we needed the right content to make our program sustainable.

With a continuously refreshed content queue in place, our program has increased employee sharing by 3x, doubling our employees’ profile views and connection requests. Here’s how we did it.

1. Recruit Curators First

We knew it wouldn’t make sense to recruit employees to share content before we had content for them to share. So we started the program by seeking out content curators. Even though our pilot program was mostly comprised of sales team members, we recruited a diverse group of curators from across the company to mirror the customers, developers and partners we serve in our business everyday.. Your internal audience has a variety of interests--and their intended audience will, too. So it’s vital to have plenty of diversity in your curator pool.

Then, we didn’t just let the curators loose and hope for the best. We trained them in how to find great content, what makes content shareable, and how to find and curate a mix of promotional, thought leadership, and informative pieces.

2. Get Buy-In with Internal Promotion

To make sure our employees would actually use the platform, we treated them like an audience we needed to sell on the benefits of using Elevate. First, we did demos for our sales leaders to get their buy-in. Then we asked them to promote Elevate to their teams.

At our sales kickoff, we set up an Elevate information booth alongside the other tools and technology we promote for our sales staff. The message was clear: This is a tool that will help you be more successful at your job.

We kept up enthusiasm with regular reminders, highlighting early successes to promote visibility and raise awareness. It didn’t take long for the program to go viral. Soon we had people creating accounts without us having to proactively reach out to them.

3. Keep Content Fresh

Even with the breadth of content we have, we’re still continuously refreshing the queue. The goal is to have content that is interesting, important, and timely - all while being genuine to our brand and audiences. Combine all of these attributes and your content is relevant. Miss any one, and it’s not likely to be shared.

We use Elevate’s reporting capabilities to run ongoing informal contests for our curators. We can see which content is being liked, commented on, and shared the most, and we make sure to share the information with the curation team. That leads to friendly competition over who can find the most compelling content--a competition that’s a win for everyone involved.

Our employee advocacy program has been a smashing success so far. Content shared through Elevate has doubled our number of Company Page views and followers.

The secret to our success is three-fold:

  1. Choose the right platform to partner with,

  2. Choose and train a diverse group of curators to share a diverse set of content, and

  3. Share results to build enthusiasm and keep momentum.

When you have the right content to fuel your program, and a platform that makes sharing simple, it’s easy to build sustained interest in an employee advocacy program. And easy for that interest to translate into real business results.

Ready to sign up for some employee advocacy wins of your own? Learn more about LinkedIn Elevate.

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