Introducing: Connect the Dots [eBook]

How to Measure and Optimize Your Employee Advocacy Program

March 23, 2017

A Valuable Guide to Managing a Successful Employee Advocacy Program

How do you know when your employee advocacy program is officially “mature”? At what point can you safely describe it as “sophisticated”?

These are tough questions to answer because they’re open to interpretation. If you were to ask your marketing peers to evaluate your program for you, though, the ensuing interrogation would take on a common theme: measurement.

Measurement is the difference between “we seem to be improving” and “we doubled our reach.” Measurement gives you the ability to look your CEO in the eye and proclaim, “we can attribute these closed deals to employee advocacy” instead of, “I’m pretty sure our program contributes to the bottom line.”

The good news is, employee advocacy has reached a maturity level where it is now entirely possible to measure results from initial launch to the ultimate goal: revenue. To help you measure, improve, and demonstrate your effectiveness, we wrote Connect the Dots: How to Measure and Optimize Your Employee Advocacy Program. This ebook provides a rundown of how a strong program works, explaining what to measure at each stage of your program, and how to connect these metrics to business results.

Whether you need to connect employees to your program, connect sharing with engagement, connect results to revenue, or all the above, this eBook can help you methodically improve every aspect of your employee advocacy program.

Download Connect the Dots to learn:

  • The importance of measuring employee advocacy performance
  • How to connect metrics to your program and organizational goals
  • How LinkedIn Elevate can maximize your measurement and performance

Download Connect the Dots to improve your employee advocacy program—and prove ROI to the stakeholders at your company.