Is Your Employee Advocacy Program Ready to Go the Distance? [eBook]

June 27, 2017

Employee Advocacy: Go the Distance eBook Cover

On your marks!

Get set!


Any good runner knows that the race doesn’t begin when the starting pistol fires. It starts days and weeks beforehand, with training, strategy, and preparation. Runners need to be physically and mentally ready for the challenge before them. The right groundwork can mean the difference between collapsing after the first mile and jogging across the finish line.

When you encourage your employees to advocate for your brand on social media, they’re entering a race to achieve potentially amazing results. Employee advocacy can expand their networks, boost their professional brands, and achieve measurable business outcomes for your organization. As with any race, however, preparation makes all the difference.

A strategic, sustainable employee advocacy program isn’t a sprint or a marathon: It’s a relay race. Before they start running, make sure your employees are ready to grab the baton and go the distance.

To help you create a program that lasts, we are proud to announce our latest guide: Go the Distance: How to Make Your Employee Advocacy Last Beyond the First Mile. This eBook is full of practical advice to get your team up and running. The tactics in the book are reinforced with inspiring real-world examples from enterprise-level organizations like Rackspace, DocuSign, Philips Lighting, and AccorHotels.

Download Go the Distance to learn:

  • How to create a social media policy that empowers advocacy

  • How to stoke enthusiasm with employee-first intrinsic motivation

  • How to curate diverse, compelling, and shareable content

  • How to keep the program top-of-mind and your employees on pace

Your employees have the potential to expand your brand’s reach and bring in new audiences. With the right training and encouragement, you can build an advocacy program that achieves results for your brand and theirs.

Download Go the Distance: How to Make Your Employee Advocacy Last Beyond the First Mile, and start planning your program for the long haul.