The Case for Employee Advocacy: Real Results to Convince the C-Suite

May 18, 2017

While still a fairly new concept, employee advocacy is quickly gaining traction. By empowering employees to share smart, quality content with their own social networks, businesses can reap tremendous benefits. But to benefit from employee advocacy over the long haul, companies need their executives to lead by example. And that means they must first buy in.

When it comes to securing C-suite support for a strategic initiative like employee advocacy, nothing speaks louder than a rise in key metrics. The following examples illustrate the measurable impact of employee advocacy on companies across industries. Each of these organizations committed to a sustainable program designed to empower their employees as advocates. In the process, each realized measurable results across marketing and sales.

Marketing: Boost Brand Awareness

The Hershey Company owns delectable brands like Reese’s, Kit Kat, and Hershey’s Chocolate Bars.  In 2014, Hershey launched an awareness-building effort to differentiate the corporate brand from these sub-brands. They enlisted LinkedIn Elevate to help empower and equip employees to share on the brand’s behalf.

  • Since the program was implemented, Hershey employees have:
  • Shared 13X more content
  • Influenced 4X more Company Page followers
  • Influenced 3X more Company Page views
“It’s exciting to see how passionate people become about sharing content because of Elevate. They understand the value of professional branding, and they see that there’s value to themselves and to the company in what they’re doing.” – Sarah Dull, Corporate Reputation and Social Media Manager, The Hershey Company

Marketing: Engage an Audience to Build Relationships

HSBC is a global financial services institution. The organization relies on their Relationship Managers to provide personal support and service to customers. HSBC started their employee advocacy program to expand Relationship Managers’ ability to engage. They wanted to position these employees as trusted advisors able to participate in industry discussion.

Through employees’ increased sharing, HSBC employees have driven:

  • 3x faster employee connection growth
  • 3x more views of their LinkedIn Profiles
  • 4x more followers to the HSBC Company Page
  • 2x more Company Page views

Sales: Make Meaningful Connections to Close Deals

CEB is an insight and technology company that equips senior leaders to manage talent, customers and operations. The company launched an employee advocacy program with LinkedIn Elevate to drive brand awareness, increase employee sharing, and position salespeople as knowledgeable partners for potential customers.

Through employees’ increased sharing, CEB employees have driven:

  • 3x more Company Page views
  • 4x faster employee connection growth
  • An over 20% increase in their Social Selling Index

It’s Easy to Make a Business Case for Employee Advocacy

Launching an employee advocacy program makes good business sense: it’s a proven way to drive measurable impact across marketing, sales and talent acquisition. Sharing these real-world examples with your executive team will help them understand the value of employee advocacy in terms that matter. While your C-suite might not be familiar with the concept of employee advocacy, they will care about the results it can deliver.

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