5 Common Misconceptions About LinkedIn Elevate

October 25, 2018

5 Common Misconceptions About LinkedIn Elevate

If you’ve ever considered an employee advocacy program for your organization, or have even heard of the term employee advocacy, you’re probably aware there are a bevy of different tools & programs available. And while 94% of B2B buyers conduct online research at some point in the buying process (Accenture), getting a true sense of a tools and capabilities can be a challenging process.

LinkedIn Elevate, our own employee advocacy tool, is no different. Marketing materials, e-books, & case studies can only explain so much. I talk to prospects every day who are at some stage of exploring the benefits of employee advocacy & LinkedIn Elevate for their organization, and while there are an endless number of different questions I get asked…I’ve found there are really 5 major things that many people don’t know about Elevate as they’re beginning their research.

Consider these LinkedIn Elevate myths busted:

Myth #1: Elevate only works with LinkedIn

It’s easy to see how this could be a common misconception, since we are a LinkedIn-owned product. But since launching the tool in 2015, Elevate has strived to be platform agnostic. While sharing on LinkedIn is a main focus for many of our clients operating in a B2B capacity, Elevate also allows easy sharing to other major social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, & Weibo.

Myth #2: Elevate provides the same metrics as other platforms

This is a big one. Not all platforms are created equal, and it’s the reason why Elevate is the #1 employee advocacy platform today. Elevate uses LinkedIn proprietary data in 3 main ways, ensuring program success:

  • Maximize employee engagement: Only Elevate can give you a list of your most social employees on LinkedIn upfront to jump start your program.
  • Deliver the right content: Elevate includes daily suggestions of content that’s resonating with your target audience to help you succeed before you start
  • Know & optimize your results: Elevate is the only program that can identify the audiences (companies, functions and industries) you’re engaging. Elevate also enables you to get real impression data and see Elevate’s impact on traffic to your site, leads for your sales teams, followers to your company page, and even influenced hires.

Myth #3: Elevate is only focused on external communications

While it’s true that one of the main benefits of an employee advocacy program is to more easily leverage your employees large & robust networks to drive increased reach & engagement of your content, we understand the value of a cohesive communications strategy. Elevate also makes it easy to also get your company news and internal, non-shareable communications into the hands of your employees. With our suite of analytics, you’re able to easily see which internal content is being viewed & read within your admin dashboard.

Myth #4: Elevate doesn’t integrate with other platforms

It’s possible this is tied to myth #1, thinking Elevate only works with LinkedIn. The truth is that Elevate easily integrates with other platforms you already use today, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Marketo and Eloqua. If tracking your website traffic and sales leads to understand content performance is important, rest assured -- we’ve got you covered.

Myth #5: Elevate won’t work for companies in regulated industries

I can see the concern here. Folks in the financial service, insurance, or healthcare industries are often told to avoid putting themselves out there for fear of the worst case scenario. The reality is that your employees are likely already engaging on social media today, and having a proactive strategy has never been more important. Not only does Elevate provide more control over the process of employee sharing by providing a library of approved content with optional perspective copy, we also provide a robust suite of compliance capabilities that include:

  • Disclosures: Add a disclosure that appears on every employee share
  • Locking perspective text: Write the intro copy for each share that employees can’t edit
  • Restricting networks: Only want your employees sharing on LinkedIn, & not Twitter, Facebook, or Weibo? No problem.
  • Social media policy: Create or copy an existing social media policy into Elevate, that employees must acknowledge before signing into the platform for the first time.

Don’t fall victim to the myths

It can take a lot of effort & research to thoroughly vet which employee advocacy tool is best for your brand, & we hope dispelling these 5 common misconceptions about Elevate will save you time & energy.

If you’re thinking about an employee advocacy program or considering switching, rest assured that Elevate can not only meet your needs, but excel in many areas you may previously been mystified about.

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