An Employee Advocacy Program Checklist Fit to Print

June 24, 2018

your employee advocacy checklist fit to print

If you’re a marketer charged with implementing a full scale employee advocacy program for your enterprise (or even SMB) operation, you’re faced with a seemingly daunting task.

In a company with more than 50 people, it’s no longer enough to stick your head over the cubicle partition to ask Fred if he can tweet about the new product update you’re rolling out. Nor is it efficient to send an email every time you want the employee base to share the positive shoutout your company just got in the media.

Many marketers realize when their company is too big to function without a formal employee advocacy program in place. The walls won’t crumble without one, but you’re wasting a valuable asset if you aren't leveraging your employees’ networks to spread your most important brand messages and keep your company top of mind.

(For those who remain uncertain, we created a handy pocket guide to convince your execs that they need an employee advocacy program.)

We’re here to tell you that it’s not as difficult as you think to pull off an employee advocacy program, and it may be even more valuable than you image. Here’s our first-timer’s checklist, which can help ease the getting started process:

Your Employee Advocacy Program Checklist

What we’ve created for you is a 9-step strategy to build out and continuously manage a successful employee advocacy program. Note that this checklist is excerpted from our guide, The Network Effect of Employee Advocacy (which you should flip through if you have the time!).

How To Use This Checklist For Success

We recommend that you print this out and grab an additional sheet of paper. Go through the checklist & write down the answers to each step as you think them through. You might end up with no more than a very large “to-do” list, but that’s okay. At the end, you should have a better understanding of the additional resources you will need to acquire or stakeholders you will need to involve to make your employee advocacy program dreams a reality.

Build Your List of Resources & Stakeholders

For instance, say you’re thinking through step number four, and you realize your company doesn't yet have an online training or landing page for social media policies. You can add to your list of required resources: “Web support for online training portal.”

Or you’re thinking through step number seven, and you realize you alone do not have the power to offer incentives beyond another piece of company merch sitting around from last year’s offsite. Thus, you might add to your list of stakeholders: “Someone from HR or leadership with the power to promise employee incentives.”

Focus Your Time & Energy

Some of the items on this checklist you’ll be able to accomplish and check off for good, perhaps only revisting once per year, like setting goals or identifying ambassadors. However, some of the items will require more ongoing maintenance.  

Perhaps the two most time-consuming aspects of owning an employee advocacy program are the continuous process of curating relevant, shareable content and training employees on how to be awesome brand advocates.

Our recommendation is to spend a solid amount of time upfront building your tiger team of socially-active subject-matter experts who will curate the content and drafting a thoughtful training module on advocacy for your new employees.

Pick A Dedicated Partner

Once you have a list of resources and stakeholders that you will require to launch and maintain a successful employee advocacy program, you’re in a good position to start securing buy-in and acquiring those resources.

If the list is simply too long for one person to manage, it might be time to think about enlisting a partner on this journey. Did you know that each LinkedIn Elevate client gets a dedicated program manager?

This liaison handles the ins and outs of your entire program launch process, and even uses LinkedIn data to help you identify the superstar social media users in your company for a stellar kick off. By opting for a formal partner, you’ll get a ton of support in managing this checklist.

For more insight into what resources are required for a successful employee advocacy program, download our free guide on The Network Effect of Employee Advocacy.