How 3 Companies Supercharged Employee Advocacy with LinkedIn Elevate

October 21, 2018

LinkedIn Elevate Chronicles

By now, you likely have a base understanding of what employee advocacy is and why it’s important. You’ve probably perused a few articles espousing the many business benefits of employee advocacy, including its remarkable ability to boost a brand’s thought leadership.

But unless you’ve actually formalized your program by adopting an employee advocacy platform, you also likely have several unanswered questions. Which platform is right for my company? Will it be easy for me and my colleagues to use? How well can I track performance? Will I be able to attribute successful outcomes to employee advocacy and show ROI? Can it work with our existing sales and marketing mix? Will it really help us reach the right people? What will the C-suite think of all this?

These are all legit questions. We’re asked them regularly by people who want to scale their employee advocacy program, and understandably want to be certain that they’re going about it the right way. As for the answers, you’ll find plenty of those in the videos below, where marketing leaders at three companies describe their experience with LinkedIn Elevate.

How Aon Uses LinkedIn Elevate to Supercharge Its Employee Advocacy

Like many companies, Aon has a surplus of stories to tell. The problem was, the company didn’t have a platform that allowed them to capitalize on the wealth of stories that either shine a spotlight on the good things Aon’s employees are doing, or drive a better understanding of what Aon can do.

“We had an email based program, very small scale, a very manual process,” says Katie Barmantje, Senior Specialist, Global Marketing and Communications at Aon. “With that email we sent out each week, it was basically a roundup of what we wanted employees to share. More and more colleagues were raising their hand saying, ‘I want to be a part of this list,’ and we saw through our tracking that when these colleagues were sharing this content, their networks were then engaging with that content. They were clicking through to our website and visiting our content, so we knew we had something there but we needed something that was scalable.”

Barmantje and team eventually scaled their employee advocacy program with LinkedIn Elevate. Check out the video below to see why Aon ultimately chose Elevate, where they’ve seen the most success, how it works with Aon’s existing sales tools, and what it’s like to work with the Elevate customer support team.

The Elevate Chronicles: Aon

How Calix Uses LinkedIn Elevate to Boost Its Employee Advocacy

For Calix’s Content Marketing Director Neila Matheny, LinkedIn Elevate just seemed like a logical progression.

“We had seen a lot more engagement on LinkedIn over the course of the last couple of years. As a marketing and sales team, we were really embracing LinkedIn overall. We were using it for Sales Navigator and sending InMails, and then when Elevate came around, it just seemed like the perfect next step because LinkedIn was really the channel that we were seeing the most success from. What Elevate could offer us not only in terms of employee advocacy, but also to see the companies that were engaging with us and our content, it was just a no-brainer to go with Elevate,” notes Matheny.

While many brands enjoy the expanded reach employee advocacy brings, it’s been the ability to reach the right people that’s most impressed Matheny. “The thing that has really stood out to us is that when you’re able to see the companies that are engaging with your content, it’s the right companies,” she explains. “They’re our customers, they’re our prospects, they’re the people that we want reading our content.”

In the video below, Matheny shares an amusing anecdote that makes it easy to see why so many executives are quick to embrace Elevate. Matheny also describes how Elevate’s ease-of-use has led to extraordinary share rates across the company.


The Elevate Chronicles: Calix

Why ThoughtSpot Leans on LinkedIn Elevate for Lifting Engagement

For us marketers, it’s only natural to focus on the potential of employee advocacy as it relates to building brand awareness and generating revenue. Yet, many of these outcomes are made possible by strong team members who were attracted to their company because of its culture.

The ability to showcase and share ThoughtSpot’s culture was a motivating factor when it came to scaling employee advocacy for Ryan Mattison, Senior Manager, Content and Communications. “Your employees are often your best asset when it comes to sharing news about what’s going on at the company, helping build the culture not just internally but externally to get new talent and new hires interested in joining the company,” notes Mattison. “An employee advocacy program that was a little bit more formalized in a way that we could really scale it as we continue to scale as a company was really critical to our growth.”

See where ThoughtSpot has seen the most success with LinkedIn Elevate and learn why connectivity and “deep insights” were important criteria for choosing an employee advocacy platform by viewing the video below.

The Elevate Chronicles: ThoughtSpot

Your company’s employee advocacy story is just waiting to be chronicled. Learn how to maximize employee engagement, deliver the right content, and optimize your results with LinkedIn Elevate.

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