How LinkedIn Elevate Helped Three Industry Leaders Drive Employee Advocacy [Case Study]

Employees are a brand’s best advocates. Learn how three industry leaders use employee advocacy to create awareness and drive engagement.

June 18, 2018

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Nobody knows a brand like its own employees. That, in a nutshell, is why people tend to trust messages that come from a brand’s employees. Every employee — regardless of role — has the potential to be an influential marketer and brand advocate.

Employee advocacy drives brand awareness and fosters engagement through the promotion of the company and of their own expertise. In our digital world driven by social media, employee advocacy is more important than ever, and we’re confident it will continue to grow well into the future.

This is good news for brands, as social media has made it easier to launch your own advocacy initiative.

How can you create your own employee advocacy program? LinkedIn Elevate makes it easy. Here are three brands, each a leader in its respective industry, that have used LinkedIn Elevate to take their employee advocacy to the next level.

PepsiCo Scales Its Employee Advocacy Program


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With its ubiquitous blue cans and memorable ad campaigns, Pepsi has plenty of recognition in the soft drink industry. The company also has its own employee advocacy program in place as a way to build brand reputation and complement hiring.

The team at PepsiCo was looking to scale and add structure to the company’s advocacy program by using a dedicated platform. With 117,000 employees on LinkedIn, PepsiCo knew there were plenty of employees with a story to share.

Since adopting LinkedIn Elevate, PepsiCo has seen an 8.7% increase in content engagement, with 42% of those engagers at a management level or above. Post shares across all networks have increased by 118%, and there’s been a 142% increase in job applications.

In fact, Jeff Boron, VP of Digital Communications, had a single post through Elevate drive 6,000 engagements on LinkedIn.

Merck Attracts New Talent


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A leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Merck was looking to attract talent and improve sales by highlighting employee voices. After evaluating multiple employee advocacy platforms, the team at Merck chose Elevate, in part, because of its robust metrics.

With Elevate, Merck has seen a dramatic increase in employee engagement on LinkedIn. On average, employees are sharing eight times more than they had been, contributing to a 10X increase in monthly engagements. As employees have improved their personal brands on the platform, they have bolstered the company’s brand. So far, this increased employee engagement has influenced fifty hires for Merck and contributed to a 5X boost in monthly job applications.

Looking for an added bonus? Merck leveraged the leaderboard functionality within Elevate to foster friendly competition within their company, which has helped drive results.

“I love how Elevate has sparked an element of competition among users to be atop the leaderboards on a monthly basis,” says John Graham, Global Talent Acquisition Social & Digital Strategy Lead.

Unit4 Exemplifies A “People Focus”


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Specializing in the development ofproductivity software and tools, Unit4 primarily markets to universities, professional services organizations, public services entities, and non-profits. Given these industries are focused on people, it’s no wonder Unit4 was looking to highlight its own employees to increase brand visibility and engagement.

“Because our people do business with people, our employees are an authentic voice representing Unit4 to get our message out,” says Roel Haanappel, Global Head of Digital Sales Enablement at Unit4.

The company already had an excellent social selling and content marketing operation in place, so employee advocacy was a natural next step. Unit4 launched its program with Elevate in 2017, starting by optimizing the LinkedIn profiles of its employees to convey added value for specific prospects, and clearly communicating the benefits of advocacy throughout the organization. Unit4 has seen fantastic results, including a 14X increase in user shares and a 2.7% increase in overall engagement. Through Elevate, Unit4 has reached an impressive 29.7 million people. 

How Can Employee Advocacy Help You?

As you can see from Pepsi, Merck, and Unit4, there is more than one way to conquer business objectives using Elevate.

Social media isn’t going anywhere, and you have a team of advocates who can raise the profile of your brand online. Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of these industry leaders?

Ready to try Elevate for your own employee advocacy program? Learn more about LinkedIn Elevate and get started today.