How the Network Effect of Employee Advocacy Amplifies Your Brand Reach [eBook]

March 29, 2018

Network Effect of Employee Advocacy

In the age of content saturation and ad-blocking proliferation, marketing reach is more elusive than ever before.

Simply getting your message in front of the right eyeballs is a challenge on its own. And that’s only half the battle, because today’s web users are increasingly mistrustful of advertising they view as inauthentic.

This environment demands new thinking and diverse tactics in order to break through and make an impact. A popular emerging strategy is the subject of our new guide, The Network Effect of Employee Advocacy.

Power to the People

The internet is defined as a global system of interconnected computer networks, but in practical terms, it is really a network of people, connecting with one another from all around the planet. And in a landscape of digital interactions, it is people that hold the power. Colleagues, peers, friends, and professional acquaintances carry more influence than any website or branded asset ever will on its own.

This is why employee advocacy is so rapidly gaining traction. As Michael Brenner writes in his foreword to the guide, “Employees are every brand’s greatest asset with the power to build your brand and attract and retain the best talent.”

Numbers show this to be true: On average, employees have 10 times more 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn than a company has followers. And according to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, 62% of people trust a brand’s social media more than its advertising.

When you’re able to amplify social media content through employees and their personal networks, you have a recipe for meaningful reach at a time where it’s increasingly hard to come by. And here’s the thing: engaged employees want to advocate for your company. They often just need a little help.

This guide will show you exactly how to make employee advocacy an integral part of your content marketing strategy, with an actionable program checklist plus guiding examples from organizations that are doing it well.

Empower your employees to achieve unprecedented organic reach. Download The Network Effect of Employee Advocacy to find out how.