How Heidrick & Struggles Uses LinkedIn Elevate to Boost Its Social Media Engagement 24x

May 14, 2019

LinkedIn Elevate

Increasingly, marketers are gaining a deeper understanding of what employee advocacy is and why it’s important. Maybe you’ve read an article or two delving into the business benefits of employee advocacy, including its powerful ability to boost a brand’s thought leadership.

But short of embracing an employee advocacy program yourself, it’s challenging to gauge just how beneficial it can be for an organization to harness the power of your employees on social media. The next best thing is to hear first-hand how another company has produced significant results using employee advocacy.

In the video below, you can hear the success that Josh Anisfeld, VP-Digital Marketing, Heidrick & Struggles, experienced when he oversaw the implementation of an employee advocacy program anchored by LinkedIn Elevate. Listen to Josh explain the centrality of employee advocacy at Heidrick & Struggles, how the company’s employees have embraced employee advocacy, and how Elevate has helped supercharge the program with results that include a 24x increase in social media engagement.

Here are some of the key takeaways for Anisfeld from Heidrick & Struggles’ success story with LinkedIn Elevate:

On Why Employees Sharing Content is Crucial

“It is imperative that our own employees are helping share that content out there. We know that our employees have a significant amount more connections on social media than we have as a firm. So there’s a gigantic gap there.”

On Why LinkedIn Elevate

"The reason we did go toward LinkedIn Elevate is because it’s LinkedIn. We know the level of data that LinkedIn had and knowing how much we use that data within, it was a no-brainer that we would want this tool to integrate with the database."

On the Strong Results

"Since we started using LinkedIn Elevate we’ve seen the most incredible results. …  What we have seen a gigantic lift in the behavior of their social media usage. They are sharing content at a rate of 26 times before they started using Elevate. They are getting impressions on that content at a rate of 24 times that amount. And the engagement on that content they are sharing is also up 26 times what it was before they started using Elevate.”

If you suspect that Heidrick & Struggles’ experience may not apply to your company, take a quick look at this post where three other companies — Aon, Calix, and ThoughtSpot — share their positive experience with employee advocacy and LinkedIn Elevate.

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