How SalesLoft Increases Employee Advocacy with Elevate

August 16, 2019

Salesloft and LinkedIn Elevate

I think every marketer can agree that, conceptually, employee advocacy is a smart and beneficial practice. It goes without saying that the folks who work for a company can become its most genuine, authentic, and credible promoters out in the world, in terms of attracting both customers and talent. 

But from an implementation standpoint, there are undeniable barriers. These two tend to be most prominent: 

  1. Employees are already busy with their own demanding workloads. 
  2. Employees don’t always understand the value (for them) in participating. 

SalesLoft is one example of a company that overcomes these barriers with help from LinkedIn Elevate. Their thriving employee advocacy program provides an exemplary model of how to get it right, and their outstanding results affirm the holistic value of such an undertaking.

In this employee advocacy case study, we’ll take a look at how they did it, and how your organization can unlock similar success.

Breaking Through Busy Workflows

As the leading sales engagement platform, SalesLoft understands the importance of equipping sellers with everything they need to succeed. But the company is also acutely aware of how easy it is to overwhelm reps with too many tools, too many apps, and too many interfaces.

Heather Wiita, Communications Manager at SalesLoft, says the company had tried out employee advocacy platforms before, but they never really caught on. 

“In the past when we’ve rolled out programs like this, the initial push is good, but it doesn’t like stick over the long term,” Wiita says.

As such, one thing that appealed to her about Elevate is that SalesLoft already used LinkedIn — along with Salesforce and their own software – as part of their daily workflows, so this integrated tool wouldn’t require employees to learn an entirely new system, or constantly have to cycle through windows. 

“The adoption has been strong,” Wiita explains, “because employees can schedule content directly to their LinkedIn channel and then knock out content for a week at a time. They don’t have to spend time posting content daily.”

Elevate is designed with busy employees in mind, so everything is streamlined. A user can quickly jump in, find relevant curated articles or resources, and set up a cadence of posts to keep themselves active and visible on social feeds. As modern sellers know, the benefits extend beyond growing the company’s brand.

Seeing the Value in Employee Advocacy

It’s a simple reality: we’re all marketers now. This is true in the sense that we’re empowered to evangelize for our employers and their offerings in our own networks, but also, we’re marketing ourselves. 

The most effective modern sellers position themselves as helpful experts in their respective niches, by sharing useful content and engaging in conversations. In this respect, an active and focused social presence can pay real dividends for job performance, and this dynamic extends far beyond the sales profession or sales technology industry. Everyone wants to work with people who know their stuff.

Personal brand-building is where the value really resonates for users because every company wants to do business with people who know their stuff. If your LinkedIn profile is your online résumé, then your social feeds are your most accessible portfolio. Any visitor can quickly ascertain that you’re invested in what you do and staying on top of what’s happening.

Communicating this perspective is crucial to creating a sustainable employee advocacy program where people are inherently motivated to stay active. SalesLoft also encourages participation through gamification. Salespeople are naturally competitive and Elevate has a built-in “leaderboard” feature that tracks top performers based on shares, reach, and engagement. The team at SalesLoft nurtures this good-natured competition through incentives like exclusive swag for high scorers.

Rallying Around Results

Of course, the biggest reinforcement for any behavior is seeing positive results. Wiita says one of her favorite things about using LinkedIn Elevate is the reporting and analytics, which are more clear and straightforward than those she’s experienced on other platforms.

“With LinkedIn Elevate, you have that single pane of glass for the analytics that is easy to navigate,” she says. “It breaks activity down by engagement, shares, and number of broadcasts, and then it shows you the reach and earned media value using the calculator.”

The impact of a formalized employee advocacy program on SalesLoft’s brand reach has been massive. “The numbers show that engagement-wise, our company has increased engagement by 10x since we launched the program fully,” says Eric Martin, Senior Director of Demand Generation. 

To illustrate the direct effect of Elevate, he points to one specific recent scenario. “When announced our new EMEA headquarters in London earlier this year, we had over 100,000 impressions from that announcement on social alone. Of that 100K reach, over 93,000 of it came from shares via LinkedIn Elevate. So, the impact is exponential.” 

Additionally, Elevate has helped employees share SalesLoft’s job openings. Multiple new hires learned about the opportunity through the influence of content-sharing through Elevate.

Employee Advocacy Made Easy

Every brand wants to get its message out to relevant prospective customers and talent. In the vast majority of cases, employees are the most underutilized asset for this directive. LinkedIn Elevate helps businesses seamlessly implement an advocacy program that helps each team member uncover his or her inner marketer, with minimal friction or hassle.

Ready to orchestrate your own exemplary employee advocacy case study? Check out LinkedIn Elevate and see if it’s the right solution for your team.