Advocacy in Action: How Customers Use LinkedIn Elevate [VIDEO]

November 12, 2019

Advocacy in Action: How Customers Use LinkedIn Elevate [VIDEO]

Satisfied employees help you put a credible face on your business. After all, who better to represent your brand than the real people who live and breathe your company culture on a daily basis? Companies that run successful employee advocacy programs are 58% more likely to attract and 20% more likely to retain top talent

By empowering your employees with social media outreach tools like LinkedIn Elevate, these folks can become your secret weapon for a more personal, relatable form of brand-building. Whether you are using social media as a platform for earned media, or a channel to recruit new hires, real conversations between real people are the best way to deliver this authentic experience. So how do you get your teams to be as excited about posting as you are? 

This video features real LinkedIn Elevate users sharing their experiences and successes with the platform. Keep reading and we’ll share some key takeaways.

Keys to Success with LinkedIn Elevate, According to Users

Make it easy for employees to share

One of the challenges with a corporate social messaging program is that busy employees may feel pressured to engage. Jason Allen, Social Reputation Consultant at CSAA Insurance, didn’t want it to be just another thing on a long to-do list. “I wanted to remove the chore of participation, remove the friction and make it as elegant and frictionless as possible,” he says of moving from a manual in-house program to Elevate.

Encourage your teams to make content sharing a regular thing. Doing a few posts while drinking your morning coffee is an easy way to make a habit of engaging, and will likely have strong results. Elevate & caffeinate! It only takes a few minutes a day. It is easy to use and deploy with a couple of clicks. Downloading the mobile app can further reduce friction as employees can engage from anywhere. 

Consciously curate content

Elevate works best when you can connect with employees and they feel inspired to engage. Empower staffers with great shareable content that people would naturally be drawn to. These topics tend to naturally generate conversations on social media.

Wells Fargo purposefully creates content that isn’t too “Wells Fargo-y.” Instead of being solely brand-focused, the financial institution highlights trends in innovation, philanthropy and corporate giving. “We want to talk about a lot of different areas to make sure that our folks that are sharing on Elevate are as well rounded as possible, and they are not burning their respective audiences out,” says Aaron Kraljev, Employer Brand & Candidate Advocacy at Wells Fargo.

Elevate allows marketers to spread content creators across different business units and geographies, while maintaining a consistent brand voice. No one knows this better than Cisco Systems, which has 150 content creators developing content in the system across the globe. By developing approved content and posts for their worldwide team, Cisco consciously curates content to make it easier for people to post.

“The fear of speaking on behalf of a brand can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for folks,” says Devin Hood, Director of Digital Experience at Cisco. “Our employee advocacy program made that super simple. Here is all of the content that is approved and ready to go, you will never be in trouble if you share any of this.”

Engage your people thoughtfully

You never want employees to feel like they have to engage, you want them to want to engage. Employees at your company are likely passionate about their work and the brand, and harnessing this passion can be quite motivational.

While it is a balance to make employees want to participate, one of the most satisfying aspects of the tool is that you never know who is going to be a really powerful advocate in your company. 

A formal employee advocacy tool allows you to identify those superstars and enable them to grow their voices. “You could be surprised by the unsung heroes in the organization that were ready to be cheerleaders,” says Allen. “You never know where you will find your biggest cheerleaders in your organization.”

Monitor results beyond reach and engagement

For continuous motivation, consider highlighting the most engaged employees with content each month. Employees that take to the program should be ready to receive more account activity once they start continuously sharing content.

Cisco employs the name-and-shame game in which they highlight the Top 10 performing pieces with the author’s name and then the bottom 10 pieces on the list. “You never want your name to be on the bottom ten list,” says Hood. Those on the top are incentivized with rewards.

Wells Fargo, whose talent acquisition team owns Elevate outreach, has found that using Elevate is having a large impact on hires. In fact, in some ways Elevate has influenced hires more than job boards. “The earned media is unparalleled,” says Kraljev.

Elevate Your Team, Accelerate Your Growth

Whether your goal is attracting quality talent or growing authentic reach (or both), LinkedIn Elevate is a powerful platform for harnessing employee advocacy toward these ends. To learn more about how Wells Fargo, CSAA Insurance, and Cisco Systems are using Elevate to bolster their businesses, check out the full panel interview video.