How to Grow Your Personal Brand with LinkedIn Elevate

September 29, 2019

LinkedIn Elevate onboarding video

We are living in the age of the personal brand. No matter what line of work you’re in, there is value in building your reputation as a trusted expert, and growing your network with like-minded professionals.

Not only does this help advance your career and increase your marketability, but it also helps your company. Employees are the outward faces of a business. When you portray an active and knowledgeable persona, it reflects well. And by sharing relevant content in your circles, you can authentically broaden your brand’s reach with potential customers and talent.

LinkedIn Elevate makes it faster and easier than ever to advance your professional reputation on social media. In that spirit, here’s a fast and easy primer on setting yourself up for success.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Elevate

The benefits of building your reputation by sharing smart content on social media are clear to see. But of course, we’re all busy and it’s not always quite so clear how we’ll find the necessary time to identify and curate quality articles.

This is where Elevate comes in. LinkedIn’s employee advocacy platform centralizes and streamlines this initiative for your organization, providing a single destination where team members can find share-worthy content (as selected by a subject matter expert in your organization), then add their own perspective and share to multiple social networks within a few clicks.

The short video below walks you through how to “elevate” your reputation on LinkedIn:

Because the content in LinkedIn Elevate is curated by your company, you can feel confident that it’s brand-friendly and supportive of the organization’s goals. But because you can choose what you want to share, while adding your own commentary, you’ll still be able to let your own personality and viewpoint shine through. And the video illustrates just how seamless the process is.

As noted in the video, Elevate users see seven times more profile views than non-Elevate users, and grow their LinkedIn networks six times faster.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to scale an effective employee advocacy program at your company, dive into the following resources on LinkedIn Elevate.

Ready to put this knowledge to use and start building your professional brand on social media? Head on over to and register today! If your organization hasn’t signed up yet, they can find more information at

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