Announcing Native Conversion Tracking for LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Text Ads

Track campaign conversions and improve advertising ROI

September 8, 2016

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

When we speak with marketers who are advertising on LinkedIn, we often hear: “How can I get better insight into the impact of my campaigns, right down to the audiences that are driving the greatest value for my business?”

If you have a similar question, then we have great news to share: You now have more ways to track the performance of your advertising on LinkedIn.

Today, we are excited to launch conversion tracking, a set of capabilities built directly into LinkedIn Campaign Manager that lets you easily measure how many leads, sign-ups, content downloads, purchases, and other specific results you’re getting from your Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns.

With conversion tracking, you can understand more about the specific ads and even the unique LinkedIn audiences that are driving your campaign conversions -- including the seniority, industry, job function, and company size of the people you’re converting to leads.  

Conversion tracking has been a top-requested feature from customers looking for more insight into how their LinkedIn ads are helping them generate high-quality leads, acquire new customers, and raise brand engagement among LinkedIn’s global audience of 450 million professionals.

With LinkedIn conversion tracking, you can:

  • Track the metrics that matter most: Easily track website conversions from your LinkedIn programs in your Campaign Manager analytics. At a glance, understand your LinkedIn advertising ROI, conversion count, cost-per-conversion, conversion rate, and more. You can even track which audience segments are driving the most conversions.
  • Record every conversion, every time: Track conversions from desktop and mobile, whether members converted after clicking on -- or even after just viewing -- one of your ads. 
  • Optimize your campaigns to drive even better performance: Monitor the specific campaigns, ads, and the nature of the audiences that are driving conversions. Use this information to improve your Sponsored Content and Text Ads targeting, creative, and offers to maximize the  downstream impact to your lead and opportunity pipeline goals.

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

In the last few months, we’ve piloted conversion tracking with more than 200 advertisers around the world. One of the main benefits they’re seeing is the ability to use their new conversion data to drive even better results from their campaigns.

“We’re very excited to be able to track conversions on LinkedIn,” says Marketo’s Divya Dutt, who’s been using LinkedIn’s new conversion tracking for Sponsored Content.

The functionality has helped us optimize our ads, ad copy, and offers in real time. We have been able to adjust our budget and spend based on which campaigns are performing and bringing in conversions, versus the ones that are only generating clicks.”

Another benefit of conversion tracking that our pilot customers are talking about is the convenience of accessing all of their key performance metrics in a single Campaign Manager dashboard.

“Before LinkedIn conversion tracking, we had to match data from our marketing automation software and CRM to see if we actually had any conversions,” said Priyank Savla, digital marketing manager at NetBrain Technologies, who is running conversion tracking on his Sponsored Content programs.

Now, LinkedIn conversion tracking makes it easy for me to see what campaigns are working and how I can optimize spend. The results so far have been very promising. We saw in a recent week that 85% of our leads from LinkedIn ultimately turned into qualified sales opportunities.”

We want to make measurement as simple as possible, regardless of the tools that advertisers use to manage their spend. That’s why today we’re excited to launch conversion tracking not only in Campaign Manager, but also in the leading campaign management platforms from AdStage and 4C, two of our Certified Ads Partners. Over time, more of our official partners will release conversion tracking in their own tools, powered by the LinkedIn ads API.

While today conversion tracking is available for Sponsored Content and Text Ads, we plan to open up this capability to other LinkedIn products in the coming months, including Sponsored inMail.

Getting started with conversion tracking is easy, and setup takes only a few minutes. Visit our website for step-by-step instructions.

Ready to use conversion tracking? Log into LinkedIn Campaign Manager and click “Conversion tracking” at the top right of the home screen to get started.