Introducing LinkedIn Account Targeting

March 1, 2016

Talk to any B2B (or high consideration B2C) marketer today, and they will tell you that account-based marketing has become an important element of their go-to-market strategy. It is the basis for aligning program dollars and resources against priority accounts that are determined in partnership with the sales team.

Today we’re delighted to announce the launch of LinkedIn Account Targeting, a new way to run effective account-based marketing campaigns on our platform.

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This exciting new functionality makes it possible for marketers to tailor their Sponsored Content or Sponsored InMail campaigns to a priority list of accounts. This ability, combined with LinkedIn’s profile targeting, will allow our clients to market products and generate opportunities to the right personas within the accounts that matter most to them. Our goal is to give them a platform that accurately targets influencers, and empowers them to deliver relevant content that translates into meaningful results.

LinkedIn Account Targeting is available to customers purchasing Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content through a LinkedIn account representative, and we plan to expand this to our self-serve clients over time.

How it works:

Customers come to us with a list (or lists) of accounts they’d like to engage on LinkedIn using one or more of our advertising products. Our platform then cross-references this list against the more than

8 million Company Pages in the LinkedIn ecosystem and creates an account target segment based on this match. To meet their specific marketing objectives, we also allow customers to further layer additional profile information such as, job function or seniority, to get their content in front of the most appropriate people in the organization.

Leading up to today’s general availability release, several customers participated in a pilot program including Comcast Business, Salesforce and Swrve. Here’s what Swrve had to say about it:

The pilot has enabled us to increase the scale of how many accounts we can target, giving us increased exposure to our most important customers. For us, this strategy not only allows us to continue our focus on lead gen, but also provides us with the ability to increase awareness and solidify brand positioning among our most important audience.  The fact that we can target in this way, at scale, increases our chances of getting the right people in the right accounts at the top of our funnel.

- Suzanne McVey, Head of Global Demand Generation at Swrve

LinkedIn Audience Targeting is a demonstration of how neatly our data-driven targeting can be integrated into our native advertising solutions. We are particularly excited about this launch because it puts us further along on our journey to create a unified ad platform which is powered with data from LinkedIn and our customers, and will allow us to innovate more quickly.

To learn more about LinkedIn Account Targeting, check out our website, contact your Marketing Solutions Account executive, or fill out the form here.