Introducing the Top 10 Most Engaged U.S. Agency Executives on LinkedIn

June 14, 2017

About 200,000 professionals work at advertising agencies in the United States, and a significant number of them use LinkedIn to network with others, share and consume content, and build their personal brands. To celebrate these members, who represent the cutting edge of social media usage, LinkedIn announces its inaugural “Top 10 Most Engaged Agency Executives on LinkedIn in the U.S.” list.*  

The most “engaged” agency executives are leaders who most effectively use the LinkedIn platform to connect with fellow agency professionals and further their careers. Their activity has helped them keep up with the latest agency, advertising and marketing industry news, connect and interact with other professionals, and drive conversation in their industry. Many say that their engagement on the platform has helped identify new business opportunities and gain an advantage in upcoming pitches.

So congratulations to Scott Elser, Head of Agency at Harte Hanks, who ranks #1 on the U.S. list of most engaged agency executives. The full list is below.

  1. Scott Elser, Agency President, Harte Hanks
  2. William Jenkins, Vice President Sales-Restaurants, Epsilon
  3. Joe Doyon, Senior Director, Business Solutions, Cramer
  4. Eve Mayer, CEO, Social Media Delivered
  5. Jodi Neuhauser, Head of Brand Experience and Business Development, Americas, Maxus Global
  6. Reid Carr, President-CEO, Red Door Interactive
  7. Jack Lipton, VP-Healthcare Sales, Epsilon
  8. Kasey Sixt, Vice President, CKR Interactive
  9. Eric Schultz, VP, Business Development, Americas, SGK
  10. Pam Moore, CEO and Founder, Marketing Nutz

In selecting the "Top 10 Most Engaged Agency Executives on LinkedIn in the U.S.,” LinkedIn measured their engagement using a range of data points collected from our platform over the last three months. We analyzed the number of connections they have, content they shared, brands they followed, groups they belonged to, number of logins on the platform, and visits to multiple sections of the site.

If you’re an agency executive and would like to see your name on next year’s list, here are a few ways to boost your engagement and maybe even your career:

Build a quality network

LinkedIn offers a great way to stay connected and up-to-date with colleagues and clients. If you’re looking to expand your network, start by connecting with colleagues then move on to customers, vendors and industry peers and associates. From fostering business leads to job prospects, the more visible you are on the platform the more you can get out of it.

Polish up your profile

The more complete your LinkedIn profile is, the easier it is to be discovered. Make sure to keep your professional experience up-to-date, post content on the platform, and engage with content shared by your connections. Don’t forget a professional looking photo, since it’s always nice to put a name with the face.

Share, share, share

Share the most relevant content from top publishers with your agency contacts, so you can improve their experience and engage with them directly. This can also help you earn more connections.

Learn from the best

Follow thought leaders from clients/prospects to get their latest updates as well as get an inside scoop on those you may have the opportunity to pitch.

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*Unlike LinkedIn’s Top Voices List and the Agency Influencer List, LinkedIn did not take content publishing or follower counts into account.