New Analytics Features to Help You Understand and Improve Your LinkedIn Campaigns

More demographic analytics, recommendations and reporting to make it easier to see and optimize your performance

July 19, 2017

New Analytics Features

We consistently hear from marketers that one of the most critical and challenging parts of their job is understanding and improving the impact ad spend is having on their business.

That’s why a top priority of ours is to make it effortless to prove the value created by your LinkedIn advertising. Equally important, we want to make it easy for you to know what is working well and what is not and provide specific, actionable suggestions for you to improve your ROI.

Today, we are excited to announce several new enhancements that make it easier to see how you are performing and improve the impact of your LinkedIn campaigns:

  • Expanded demographic reporting — More detail on the types of professionals who are engaging with your ads

  • Campaign insights & recommendations — Hover cards to show how your campaigns are performing and suggest changes to improve

  • More ways to see your campaign impact — New metrics, including the incremental reach gained from LinkedIn members sharing your Sponsored Content, plus simpler ways to get the insights you need.  

Expanded demographic reporting

Easily understand which audiences are responding to your ads with new demographic reporting in Campaign Manager.

Refine your strategy by finding your ideal target audience and get your content in front of the people that will engage or convert most:

  • Analyze who is engaging across the marketing funnel:  Compare demographic performance side by side for impressions, clicks, click-through-rate, conversions and conversion rate.

  • See results for 7 professional traits: View your performance across job title, seniority, function, industry, company size, location and country.  Filter by company name is coming soon!

Campaign insights and recommendations

Quickly determine if your LinkedIn campaigns are delivering as expected, spot areas for improvement and discover the best action to take.

Campaign Insights

Hover over the daily budget and total budget metrics to quickly see if you are on track to utilize your available budget. Or hover-over your bid value to learn how it compares to other advertisers and how changing it could have impacted performance.

Campaign Recommendations

Alerts that appear next to underperforming campaigns and suggest the best way to improve performance, which can include adjusting your creative, bid, audience size or number of creatives.

But that’s not all...we’ve added more ways to see the impact of your campaigns:

We’ve added a number of other improvements that will make it easy to get the insight you need:  

  • Viral metrics to show the incremental “earned media” value of your Sponsored Content gained from members sharing your content with their networks

  • More social action detail for more ad types

  • Expanded file export options and data availability

To keep up to date on all product updates, you can always visit our product release notes.

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