Our 10 Most Popular Marketing Posts of 2017

December 27, 2017

Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Blog Posts


If we had to pinpoint one underlying thread running through the most popular content on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog in 2017, that would be it.

Recently, we presented the first half of our Top 20 list, and today we’ll round out our year-in-review with the 10 most-read LMS posts.

These entries covered a wide range of different topics and themes, but our data suggests that marketers most frequently came to the blog looking to be inspired. As you peruse, you will find compilations of top marketing quotes and books, as well as examples of highly effective LinkedIn ads and B2B marketing campaigns.

Hopefully as you reacquaint yourself with some of the year’s top posts, and catch up on those you missed, you’ll find inspiration and guidance that helps propel you into the new year with gusto.

10. 101 Sales and Marketing Quotes to Read Before Setting Your Strategy

If there was a more comprehensive collection of compelling sales and marketing quotes assembled this year, we haven’t seen it. As you plan your 2018 strategy it might be helpful to absorb the wisdom of these savvy thought leaders.

9. Your Summer Reading List: 25 Can’t-Miss Marketing Books

We came up with a list of our favorite marketing books this summer, and the authors of each were kind enough to offer their own recommendations. It’s fun to learn what inspires the people who inspire us.

8. 3 Simple Question to Get Sales and Marketing Working Together

Without question, sales and marketing collaboration was one of the year’s preeminent business themes. Many organizations have moved past the ‘why’ and onto the ‘how’; here we explore some practical ways to make it happen.

7. 10 Examples of LinkedIn Ads That Totally Crushed It

The LMS blog frequently offers tips and pointers for creating effective LinkedIn ads, but nothing is quite as instructive as seeing them in action. Each of these case studies exemplified elements of a well designed and brilliantly executed campaign.

6. Introducing LinkedIn Website Demographics

One reason LinkedIn is such an integral resource for B2B marketers is because its analytical tools enable us to gather critical professional data about our audiences. With the newly introduced Website Demographics feature, you can now aggregate this data from your company website’s visitors. We’re excited to see many marketers already taking advantage of this capability and using it to shape their programs.

5. Our Favorite B2B Marketing Campaigns of 2016

We started 2017 by taking a look back at some of our favorite B2B campaigns from 2016. Keep an eye out for our recognition of this year’s best efforts (coming soon!), but it doesn’t hurt to brush up first.

4. 10 Books Every B2B Marketing Strategist Should Read

The earlier roundup of top marketing books was more general, but this one really homes in on modern B2B strategy, making it all the more relevant to our core readership. Make sure to check out these indispensable texts on marketing to businesses.

3. Introducing LinkedIn Matched Audiences

This long-awaited feature rolled out early in the year, and has been revelatory for marketers looking to enhance and refine their targeting tactics. Our introductory article explains how Website Retargeting, Account Targeting and Contact Targeting can be utilized through Matched Audiences on LinkedIn.

2. Introducing LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Another new capability unveiled this year enables companies to collect leads much more seamlessly and efficiently, with form fields that populate automatically based on a member’s LinkedIn profile. Lead Gen Forms solve a major issue for marketers; people often don’t have the time or patience to type in their pertinent info for gated assets, especially on smartphones. Now, they no longer need to.

1. Announcing LinkedIn’s Top Company Pages of 2017

We circle back to inspiration with our most-viewed post of the year. These exemplary Company Pages deserved to be highlighted, as they fully embraced the best practices for an exceptional brand presence on LinkedIn, and had the results to show for it. Why not flip through our list, apply takeaways from each honoree, and then put your own business in the running for 2018

We appreciate every single reader who stopped by to check out the LMS blog in 2017, and especially those who subscribed and shared their favorite pieces. Our resolution for the new year is the same as last: Elevate the marketing profession with the best original, curated, and collaborative content on the Web.

We hope we can help inspire you to reach new heights in 2018, both on LinkedIn and elsewhere. If you haven’t yet, make sure you subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog so you never miss out on tools and advice to maximize your productivity.

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