The Top Small Business Owner Publishers on LinkedIn

Who are they and what are they writing about?

November 21, 2017


This is our second post in the Small Business Series, which we are publishing this week as American Express’ Small Business Saturday approaches on November 25. In this series, we examining how small businesses and small business employees are using LinkedIn.

In this post, we are using LinkedIn data to examine how small business owners are using LinkedIn as a publishing platform. In this post, we’ve identified the top 10 SBO publishers on LinkedIn in the past three months.* We’ve also listed each author’s top post from that time period.

Who are the top 10 SBO publishers on LinkedIn?

The top 10 SBO publishers for the past three months had many things in common. First, they published often. Almost every member of this list had more than 100 posts. Grant Cardone, for instance, has post more than 650 articles. Second, they published useful, informative content. Allen Gannet’s “49 Books You Need to Read” post garnered more than 150 comments. Third, these SBOs were unafraid of wading into controversial areas and posting what we call Tabasco posts — posts that can make people hot. Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments — who is famous for promising all of his employees a $70,000 “minimum wage” — weighed in on the gender pay gap. And finally, each had thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, which have been built up over time by publishing often, posting useful content, and being unafraid to publish the occasional Tabasco post.

  1. Grant Cardone - Best-Selling Author |Speaker | CEO of 4 Private Co's with $100M in revenue | Real Estate Holdings of $500M |
  2. John Eades - President & CEO, LearnLoft
  3. Russ Finkelstein - Co-Founder & Managing Director, ClearyNext
  4. Debra Wheatman, CPRW, CPCC - President,
  5. Brandon Miller - CEO, 34 Strong, Inc.
  6. Dan Price - CEO, Gravity Payments
  7. Joah Spearman - CEO and Founder at Localeur
  8. John Mack - Owner, Pharma Marketing Network
  9. Oren Frank - CEO & CO-Founder,
  10. Allen Gannett - CEO at TrackMaven

What are they writing about?

Below is the most viewed post for every writer in our SBO top 10. The one element that almost every post on this list has in common is that it’s sharing useful advice. The advice is particularly useful for the small business owner, who can benefit from strengthening relationships with their team, running better meetings, and managing stress.)

Grant Cardone

John Eades

Russ Finkelstein

Debra Wheatman, CPRW, CPCC

Brandon Miller

Dan Price

Joah Spearman

John Mack

Oren Frank

Allen Gannett

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*Data is from last 3 months and ranked by weighted measure of page views of content, number of articles published, total engagement. The list includes non LinkedIn Influencers only.