What Content Are Small Business Owners Engaging With on LinkedIn?

The SBO reading list…

November 20, 2017

Small Business Owner

With American Express’ Small Business Saturday approaching on November 25, we are spending this week on the LinkedIn Marketing Blog delving into how small businesses are using LinkedIn. In this first post in our Small Business Series, we used LinkedIn data to examine what small business owners are engaging with* on the platform.

Specifically, we explored the content that caught the eye of our small business owner** members over the last three months. Below are four key themes the data revealed SBOs are reading about:


Not too surprisingly, LinkedIn’s small business owners explore content around being an entrepreneur. And they explore it from different angles, such as young entrepreneurs seeking advice, lessons from failure and the latest from an experienced entrepreneur. One of the main things entrepreneurs talk about is their passion for what they do, and SBOs seem keen to understand that passion and how it drives people.

As the most highly valued ‘unicorn’, Uber continues to be the company of interest for SBOs both in terms of their recent CEO hunt and the company’s financials.


When it comes to leaderships skills, SBOs on LinkedIn are focused on several aspects.

They are exploring how they continue their development and are seeking inspiration from great leaders and from companies with strong leadership reputations.

They are also inspired to be the best leader they can be for their employees and consider the importance of applying emotional intelligence when leading a company.


It’s interesting to note that SBOs are seeking advice on how not to burnout, both in terms of managing their health and stress as well as being as productive as they can with their hectic schedules.


SBOs are operating in a fast-moving world and they know the importance of staying up to date. The two major areas trending among SBOs right now are Bitcoin & Blockchain and AI. AI offers new possibilities for industries and businesses, so it makes sense that this developing technology appeals to existing business owners. Bitcoin and Blockchain are two popular but complex concepts, so SBOs are diving into material to learn more and keep up with the latest.

And they are keen to stay on top of what some of the biggest names in tech are doing in this space of AI and Blockchain.

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*Engagement is defined as a click, share, like, or comment.

** Small business owners are defined as VPs, CXOs, Partners, and Owners at businesses with 200 or fewer employees