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October 10, 2017

Working Together

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on the LinkedIn Sales blog.

For B2B sales professionals, closing deals has never been harder. With more buyers involved in the purchasing process, the proliferation of disconnected sales systems, and inefficiencies between the sales and marketing functions, the sales cycle has become incredibly complex. In this environment, sales teams need a strategic advantage: the ability to break down silos and get work done.

At LinkedIn, we believe companies that focus on working together within and across business functions will have the best chance at success. Today, we’re excited to announce several upcoming Sales Navigator features that will empower businesses to work more efficiently across their organization, their sales team and a range of sales productivity applications.

Sales and Marketing Integration - Yes, We Can All Get Along

Sales and marketing are both vital to closing deals, but many companies struggle to align these two functions. While we’d all like to believe that the Venn diagram of the leads that sales and marketing target perfectly overlaps, that’s just not the case. In our surveys, we found that the overlap is less than 34% in large enterprises and 14% in small-to-medium businesses.

That’s why we are announcing a plan to integrate Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Campaign Manager so that marketers can precisely target the accounts and leads their sales team is pursuing.

Marketers will see two new ad groups appear in LinkedIn Campaign Manager -- Sales Navigator Leads and Sales Navigator Accounts. The marketer will still control creative, budget and when the campaigns will go live. But now, they will have the ability to market directly to the leads and/or companies their sales reps are pursuing on LinkedIn, and even use lookalike modeling to find new audiences who behave like their current prospects and customers. In the future, this targeting will get even more precise, allowing marketers on LinkedIn to target any list that their sales team is pursuing. And since these two systems are constantly connected, these lists will update every day.   

Sales reps will also be able to see how prospects are interacting with Marketing campaigns from within Sales Navigator. Reps will receive alerts when any of their saved accounts have engaged with their company’s sponsored content on LinkedIn. These buyer intent signals are the first of many we plan on adding to Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator Application Platform - Sales Navigator In All Your Sales Applications

Last fall, we announced that we were opening up integrations beyond Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to other leading CRM partners. This year, we’ve started to see great results as HubSpot CRM, Infor CRM and Zoho CRM have built Sales Navigator integrations into their applications. Additional partners, including Oracle Sales Cloud, will launch in the coming months.

We also launched an integration with Gmail last year, so you can access the power of Sales Navigator from your inbox, and I’m pleased to announce that we’re bringing that functionality to Microsoft Outlook in 2018.

But we realize that salespeople spend a lot of time in apps besides CRM and email. There are hundreds of different applications in the sales tool landscape, and most reps use at least a half dozen different solutions per week. What if you could get these tools to work together so you spent less time on busy work and more time closing deals?

The Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) is a new partner program that provides Sales Navigator integrations across your sales stack. By integrating your sales tools with Sales Navigator, this new offering will allow you to tap into LinkedIn insights throughout the sales process, so you can save time and deliver more personalized customer experiences.

These new integrations are powered by two APIs we are introducing to partners. First, a Display API that enables developers to embed Sales Navigator profiles to provide a consistent representation of people and companies. Second is an Analytics API that enables advanced reporting on Sales Navigator usage metrics. Our SNAP launch partners include:

  • Business Intelligence: InsightSquared, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau

  • eSignature: Adobe Sign, GetAccept

  • Marketing Automation:  Act-On, Demandbase, Engagio, HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua

  • Sales Acceleration:, Outreach, SalesLoft, Sendbloom,, Yesware

  • Web Conferencing: BlueJeans

  • Others: Microsoft PowerApps

To give you an example of how this could work, let’s say you’re on a video call, you will be able to mouse over your prospect’s name and see relevant information from their LinkedIn profile which can help add context to the conversation. From there, you can use the Sales Navigator integration within a sales acceleration tool to help you send more effective and personalized emails. When the prospect is ready to close, you can use an e-signature solution to not only close the deal but also to verify, in Sales Navigator, that the one signing the deal was included as a decision maker. Finally, as a sales operations manager, you’ll be able to do advanced reporting on Sales Navigator usage metrics to set goals, share best practices and track how Sales Navigator usage aligns to business outcomes from your CRM.

To find out more about SNAP, or apply to be a SNAP partner, please visit:

LinkedIn Data Validation - Deepening Our Integration With CRM

We know that much of your CRM data is stale.    

That’s why we’re excited to announce LinkedIn Data Validation, a set of capabilities we’ll begin offering our Enterprise Edition customers in 2018, which will enhance CRM data quality and provide actionable insights.

The first feature of LinkedIn Data Validation will be a ‘No longer at company’ flag, which will identify leads and contacts who have left the company they’re mapped to in CRM. Sales reps and leaders can use this real-time intelligence to understand whether they have to bring a new contact into their deals, or if they can leverage existing relationships to pursue new business.

Dealbook - A Better Way to Manage Your Pipeline

Pipeline reviews between managers and reps can be a frustrating, guessing game. Oftentimes, managers do not have visibility into the key activities around a deal, and instead spend their time getting context rather than strategizing on how to win the deal. That’s why we acquired Heighten, a company that built several sales productivity enhancing capabilities, earlier this year.

Today, we’re announcing our plan to integrate the Dealbook feature of Heighten into Sales Navigator, which will allow sales professionals to be more efficient in managing their pipeline.

With Dealbook, reps and managers can easily view deals, identify the buying circle, and edit deal information directly in Sales Navigator, with key fields instantly synced back to your CRM. It will also flag important updates that could influence a deal outcome.

Redesigned Global Navigation - Discover better leads

Salespeople can’t manage their pipelines without great leads to start. We’ve listened to user feedback and redesigned our search and navigation bar to make it easier to find the most relevant prospects.

Guided Search helps you find people and companies that you want to do business with. Powerful features, such as Saved Searches and Company Search, are front and center, and our new Discover tab will proactively suggest new people and companies that fit your ideal buyer profile.  

Mobile Briefings:


The Sales Navigator mobile app is included free with every Sales Navigator subscription, and is designed to complement the flagship LinkedIn mobile app.

We’ve completely re-imagined the homepage of the app to help reps understand the next best action they should be taking throughout the day, and alert them of activities, such as saved leads who have recently viewed their profile.


This redesign includes a new feature, called Mobile Briefings, which integrates with your mobile calendar and gives you meeting prep documents for your business meetings that day. Mobile Briefings include profiles, icebreakers, and relevant company information, so you can quickly prepare for your meetings and feel confident about building rapport with your attendees.

These new features make Sales Navigator more powerful than ever before and enable working together in ways simply not possible before.

We’re excited to roll out these features out over the next few months. Global Navigation and Mobile Briefings are currently ramping to customers. Sales Navigator and LinkedIn advertising integration is available to pilot customers now, and will be available to all customers in 2018. Several of the Sales Navigator Application Platform partner integrations are available now, while others will launch soon. Dealbook and LinkedIn Data Validation will launch in the first half of 2018.

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