Introducing a New Reporting Experience in LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Get ROI insights and optimize campaigns in a flash

July 26, 2018

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

As a marketer, you’re often tasked with running multiple campaigns and trying to understand which are delivering the best ROI. The analysis can be time consuming because you’ve got to dive into the data, see what’s going on, and make tweaks to optimize results.

Today, we’re delighted to announce a redesigned reporting experience for LinkedIn Campaign Manager, making it easier to understand how your campaigns are performing and quickly optimize for better results. Starting next week, this new interface will deliver a clean and intuitive experience that lets you more easily manage your campaigns.

Our reporting update includes several major enhancements to help you:

  • Save time on campaign reporting: With this new reporting experience, you can quickly see how your campaigns are performing and make on-the-fly adjustments to improve results. Data in Campaign Manager now loads much faster, allowing you to scan data more efficiently - even if you have hundreds of campaigns and ad creatives. Also, our new navigation allows you to switch from accounts to campaigns to ads in just two clicks. We have also updated the search capabilities, so you can quickly query specific campaigns by campaign name, campaign ID, ad format and more.
  • Understand campaign performance and optimize in a flash: When your ads aren’t performing well, you need to act quickly to course correct. That’s why we’ve added new features to help you make campaign decisions faster than ever. The new reporting experience features 1-click breakdowns giving you deeper insights into key indicators like conversion events and placements on the LinkedIn Audience Network.
  • Personalize your reporting experience: You can now pick and choose the metrics view that you care about the most, whether it’s Performance, Conversions or Video.

We had a few LinkedIn marketers try out the new experience this summer:

“The new reporting experience takes LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager product to another level! Now you can manage your campaigns easier and with more efficiency. It’s definitely an elevated user experience.” - Lamar Mills, Brand Strategist at Workday
"LinkedIn's new Campaign Manager is a major improvement that will make creating ads and in-depth reports much easier. The new user interface is sleek and more intelligent." – Eric Barden, Marketing Manager at ChartIQ
“The new Campaign Manager in LinkedIn is awesome. There are some really great noticeable improvements that will make reporting on my LinkedIn campaigns even easier. I can tell they’ve put a ton of work into this new experience, and their hard work definitely shows in the interface.” -- Dayna Davis, Digital Marketing Consultant

What’s next? We’re constantly working to provide a better reporting experience that gives you the results you need -- faster. Today’s release is just the first foundational step in a longer plan for you. We have a lot in store and look forward to sharing more in upcoming blog posts.

We will be rolling out the new reporting experience in the next week in your Linkedin Campaign Manager. To learn more, visit our Reporting & Analytics page.