Vimeo Launches Video Integration for Company Pages on LinkedIn

November 4, 2018

Vimeo Videos on LinkedIn

Earlier this year LinkedIn announced native video sharing as a new way for Company Pages to engage an organization's followers and talent. Since then, native video on LinkedIn has helped companies connect with their audiences, attract new talent and share important updates.

In an effort to make video sharing even easier, we’re excited to announce that Vimeo, an ad-free open video platform, has launched a new integration that will allow businesses, brands and organizations to distribute their video content from Vimeo to their LinkedIn Company Page. This marks LinkedIn's first end-to-end video integration with a video platform, as part of its commitment to investing in video as a highly engaging content format.

This integration with LinkedIn’s Company Pages is an addition to Vimeo’s Publish to Social feature, which allows paying customers to distribute their video content natively to various social platforms. Companies can also get the rich video analytics that LinkedIn provides along side the other metrics offered in Vimeo’s dashboard, which can help guide your overall video marketing strategy.

Our data shows that video has become one of the key drivers for member engagement on LinkedIn, and businesses who want to start a conversation with their audiences are increasingly turning to Company Page videos. This new integration with Vimeo is a critical step for anyone who wants to gain more exposure, and understand their reach to LinkedIn’s professional audiences.

For existing Vimeo customers with Company Pages, this presents an exciting opportunity to seamlessly distribute their creative content to a professionally-minded audience on LinkedIn.

For companies interested in hosting their video content on Vimeo, take a look at the company website here.

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Photo: JSawkins