Bust B2B Marketing Myths with the New Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly

Issue Seven Has Arrived!

December 10, 2019

Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly

Editor's Note: A version of the post originally appeared on the LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Solutions EMEA Blog.

How can you tell if you’ve fallen for a B2B marketing myth? The answer’s simple: read the latest issue of The Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly.

B2B marketing is filled with ideas that feel like common sense – because we’ve heard them so often. We’re trained to think that our strategy should always involve targeting senior decision-makers at the moment they’re ready to buy, that clicks are the best measure of our campaigns’ success, and that we need to keep creatively reinventing our brands and advertising to stand out.

However, when you examine these ideas closely, you often find they’re based on little more than myths. If we’re not careful, these myths can lead us into chasing the wrong metrics, spending budget and resources unnecessarily, and undermining our impact on the bottom line.

In the new issue of The Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly, we’re setting out to bust the myths that can get in the way of B2B marketing driving growth. We’re replacing them with tactics, tips and fresh thinking that’s based on insight and experience, and proven to deliver the results that really matter.

Issue Seven of The Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly is out now. Subscribe to receive your free, printed copy* – or read online today. Here’s just some of the myth-busting marketing wisdom you’ll find inside:

  • Why evergreen content delivers greater ROI
  • The targeting myths that waste your budget
  • The brands that win by flaunting their flaws
  • What 5G and Blockchain really mean for your strategy
  • The latest advice from B2B marketing guru, Ann Handley
  • Plus Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends explained, lessons from great lead gen campaigns, the best applications of LinkedIn Live, and much more

Don’t settle for the same old B2B myths. Get your free issue of The Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly* and discover fresh thinking that drives real marketing results.

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