Adding LinkedIn to HubSpot’s Ads Tool

February 13, 2019

Editor's Note: This post was authored by Nicholas Holland, VP of Product | General Manager of the Marketing Hub at HubSpot.

Creating an amazing customer experience through helpful, relevant content is a central tenet of inbound marketing. With every decision HubSpot makes, we take a moment to ask ourselves “How does this impact the customer?” This practice has informed many decisions we’ve made over the years.

It turned our marketing funnel into a flywheel -- with customers at the core of our business’ success.

It informed our decision to bring ads into the core Marketing Hub last year.

It also informs Hubspot’s business partnerships.

Partnering with LinkedIn checks all the boxes. LinkedIn is running exciting plays that deeply align with our stance on creating a delightful customer experience. With their purchase of and continued investment in their platform, LinkedIn has established themselves as a market leader in professional development. We’ve used LinkedIn’s tools ourselves to share our Customer Code with the world.

In HubSpot, our integration with LinkedIn brings the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Pages organic social management tools directly to our customers in product. Customers use these solutions every day to engage with their audience, and make data-driven decisions on how they can best grow their companies. Although our customers love these integrations, there has been one LinkedIn integration that our customers have been clamoring for -- and today, we’re excited to fulfill their request.

HubSpot is proud to announce that we’re expanding our integrations with LinkedIn, to include Linkedin ads into our Marketing Hub.

Just like any decision made at HubSpot, we took a step back and asked “How does adding LinkedIn to our ads tool help our customers?”

Many of our customers would tell you that their customers are most active on LinkedIn. HubSpot’s customers are looking to influence the decision makers and business professionals that make up LinkedIn’s network of more than 610 million members. They’re keeping a close eye on the return they get on their ad spend. They’re focused on generating quality leads for their sales teams. As LinkedIn expands their ads platform to include search intent as well as demographic and interest based targeting options, our customers will be able to more effectively reach their customers across any stage of the buyer’s journey.

But more than anything else, we believe that using HubSpot to manage your LinkedIn ads is the easiest way to quickly find success with your ads strategy. We have the tools you need to easily execute journey-based advertising, aligning your LinkedIn ads strategy with the rest of your marketing.

Getting started is simple. With HubSpot, getting the basics right is simple. Quickly connect your LinkedIn ads account, turn on lead syncing, and easily add your LinkedIn Insight Tag — all without the help of a developer.

Get granular with your ads audiences. With your Insight Tag applied, create advanced website retargeting audiences based on which pages your customers are visiting within any time period. Use HubSpot smart lists to target specific contacts, and never manually update an ads audience again.

Tie your ad spend to your bottom line. Using deals from HubSpot CRM, easily understand exactly which ads influenced a purchase decision. Attribute your ads to specific points within the buyer’s journey, and report on the true ROI of your ad spend.

Align your ads to the rest of your marketing. Ensure consistency across every touch point your customer has with your brand. Use Linkedin ads to inform your marketing strategy, and automate any follow up using HubSpot’s marketing automation platform. By combining HubSpot and LinkedIn, you have now created an extremely tailored experience for your customers as they navigate their buyer’s journey.

HubSpot is proud of our many integrations with LinkedIn, and we’re eager to see how our Marketing Hub customers leverage this integration to create an amazing experience for their customers.