Adobe, Microsoft, and LinkedIn Join Forces to Accelerate Account-Based Marketing

March 26, 2019

Account-Based Marketing

To give more marketers a more efficient pathway to reaching their prospects and customers, LinkedIn has been focused on expanding the targeting capabilities of its advertising products. Recently, we announced the introduction of Lookalike Audiences and Interest Targeting with Microsoft Bing Data. Much of the targeting capabilities on the LinkedIn platform, such as Matched Audiences and Contact Targeting, help companies boost their account-based marketing programs.

Today, we’re excited to share that at Adobe Summit 2019, Adobe announced a new collaboration between Adobe, Microsoft, and LinkedIn to accelerate account-based marketing for our joint customers. By extending LinkedIn account-based marketing capabilities to Adobe Experience Cloud users, we’re creating a seamless way for them to identify and target the right audiences on LinkedIn with meaningful content, ultimately helping improve success of their campaigns.

Adobe and Microsoft are also expanding on their longstanding collaboration by aligning key data sources to populate account-based profiles from Adobe Experience Cloud, including Marketo Engage and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. This partnership will empower B2B marketers to easily identify, understand, and engage B2B customer buying teams. It will also drive better orchestration, measurement and the delivery of targeted content for a more personalized experience at both the individual and account level on key B2B platforms like LinkedIn.

Through the new integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, marketers can more effectively engage with accounts and buying teams. By enabling LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences integration with Adobe Audience Manager, and adding account targeting capabilities to LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences integration with Marketo Engage, the combined account-based targeting capabilities will help marketers identify the right contacts and accounts to reach on LinkedIn.

Read more on the collaboration in Adobe’s full announcement here.

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