How Forbes’ Most Influential CMOs Are Using LinkedIn

June 21, 2019

Forbes Most Influential CMOs

Forbes released yesterday its 2019 list of “The World’s Most Influential CMOs.” Topping the list, which was compiled in partnership with Sprinklr and LinkedIn, was Unilever’s Keith Weed.

In the report that contains the list, Forbes noted how the CMOs are taking advantage of the LinkedIn platform. Of the 50 CMOs on the Forbes list, 47 had LinkedIn profiles. (Forty-three of the top 50 have Twitter handles).

As a group, CMOs are believers in the LinkedIn platform. On average, they have 3.9x more connections than the average LinkedIn member. They also share 5.6x as many updates via LinkedIn.

Below are the top 10 topics that CMOs engage with on LinkedIn. Perhaps it shouldn’t be shocking that demand generation is No. 1. What may be surprising is that branding doesn’t appear until No. 10 with “brand loyalty.”

Forbes’ 50 most influential CMOs are listed below.

  1. Keith Weed, Unilever
  2. Marc S. Pritchard, Procter & Gamble
  3. Antonio Lucio, Facebook
  4. Ann Lewnes, Adobe
  5. Kristin Lemkau, JPMorgan Chase
  6. Leslie Berland, Twitter
  7. Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard
  8. Linda Boff, General Electric
  9. Phil Schiller, Apple
  10. Karen Walker, Cisco
  11. Chris Capossela, Microsoft
  12. Kelly Bennett, Netflix
  13. Stephanie McMahon, World Wrestling Entertainment
  14. Alicia Tillman, SAP
  15. Michelle Peluso, IBM
  16. Lorraine Twohill, Google
  17. Britta Seeger, Daimler
  18. Francisco Crespo, Coca-Cola
  19. Lynne Biggar, Visa
  20. Dean Evans Hyundai, Motor America
  21. Diana O'Brien, Deloitte
  22. Tony Weisman, Dunkin'
  23. William Xu, Huawei
  24. Jen Rubio, Away
  25. Marisa Thalberg, Taco Bell
  26. Diego Scotti, Verizon
  27. Nicholas Drake, T-Mobile
  28. Deborah Wahl, Cadillac
  29. Jill Cress, National Geographic Partners
  30. Joy Falotico, Ford Motor Co.
  31. Magali Noé, CNP Assurances
  32. Heidi Browning, National Hockey League
  33. Julia Goldin, Lego
  34. David Edelman, Aetna
  35. Joanne Bradford, SoFi
  36. Jochen Sengpiehl, Volkswagen
  37. Mo Katibeh, AT&T Business
  38. Lara Hood Balazs, Intuit
  39. Alicia Hatch Deloitte, Digital
  40. Heather Malenshek, Harley-Davidson
  41. Ryan Bonnici, G2
  42. Rick Gomez, Target
  43. Shannon Brayton, LinkedIn
  44. Syl Saller, Diageo
  45. Amy Fuller, Accenture
  46. Kelly Campbell, Hulu
  47. Jennifer Sey, Levi Strauss & Co.
  48. David VanderWaal, LG Electronics
  49. Rebecca Messina, Uber
  50. Catherine Hernandez-Blades, Aflac

Using data from Sprinklr and LinkedIn, Forbes said it selected the CMOs on the list based on three criteria:

  • Brand performance as measured in the Sprinklr Benchmarking platform, which aggregated more than 495,427,052 brand-related social media shares, likes, retweets and comments.
  • Personal influence as measured in the Sprinklr Listening platform, which aggregated more than 647,197 news, blog, web and Twitter mentions about or from eligible CMOs.
  • Industry and internal influence as measured by LinkedIn, which analyzed more than one million LinkedIn articles and more than 10 million LinkedIn engagements across more than 10,000 topics

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