LinkedIn Marketing Solutions — Year in Review: Creativity, Data, Community & Humanity

January 31, 2019

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions looks forward to an amazing 2019, but we’d be remiss not to look back at the incredible developments of last year. Our advertising and marketing platforms grew by leaps and bounds, and now offer brands of all stripes tools to succeed like never before.

More than anything, our new products evolved to match the increasingly wide range of content on LinkedIn. We focused on giving marketers the right tools they need to build awareness and create engagement, offering them versatility, based on what users crave, with the end goal of helping brands build stronger customer connections. And these new tools reflected the meshing of the B2C and B2B branding worlds, where creativity and data rule supreme for brands’ quest to deliver a human touch.

This achievement happened in many steps, and we wanted to share a look-back at LMS’ memorable 2018 while reminding businesses of all the tools now at their disposal. Below, we wrap up how these tools tied to four big themes.

Theme #1: Creativity

It was a watershed year for making LinkedIn advertising a richer experience that appeals to buyers’ emotions. Our timing was impeccable because the humanization of B2B and B2C marketing turned out to be a major 2019 theme.

In March, we introduced Video Ads, which enable brands to use sight, sound and motion to tell more compelling stories and drive deeper engagement on feeds. Early adopters’ results have been exciting, and we believe every company can prosper by prioritizing video ads into their Sponsored Content campaigns.

And in June, we debuted Carousel Ads, which help brands tell layered, visual stories and interact with target audiences on LinkedIn. This feature lets marketers add more texture to their campaigns by offering a series of up to 10 visuals that LinkedIn users can horizontally swipe through in a fun experience.

Theme #2: Data

A key component for brands being human in the digital age is to employ all of the tools and data available. The more you know about someone, the more you can relate to their experience, the more you have empathy toward them. It’s true in life, and it’s true in marketing.

In November, we completely overhauled Campaign Manager and announced the public beta of Objective-Based Advertising, which makes it easier to create and measure campaigns. This development set the stage for objective-based optimization and pricing to come later this year.  

Also, in July, we revealed our new Reporting UI, which makes it easier to understand how campaigns are performing and gave the ability to quickly tweak elements for better results. Reporting UI is a clean and intuitive experience that enables marketers to better understand advertising results, optimize investments and deliver more resonant advertising to customers.

Theme #3: Community

Digital communities produce thoughtful conversations, fueled by business professionals sharing with each other the ins and outs of their practice. This kind of benefit has long been available with posts that become long threads on LinkedIn, especially after we launched Company Pages in 2013.

Last November, we took it up a notch with the next-generation version of Pages, which have been retooled to make it easier for brands, institutions and organizations of all sizes to leverage the power of their communities. Every day, these pages—of which there are now 30 million—are home to constructive conversations from LinkedIn’s 590 million-plus members.

Theme #4: Humanity

All told, with creativity, data and community, we endeavored to make LinkedIn a more human experience in 2019. Creativity sparks discussion and, sometimes, viral content. It’s one of the best qualities of the internet. The marketing industry narrative has shifted from becoming digital-first to people-first, as 84 percent of customers say being treated like a human being, not a number, is crucial to winning their business.

At the same time, marketers should use data to consider people’s needs before and after they buy. Achieving this balance entails going beyond the transaction to be that person’s trusted partner, treating them as a good friend—as part of your community—and ultimately earning repeat business.

The digital age needs to make brands more human, not less. And all of our advertising and marketing products in 2018 had that very goal in mind. That said, we have a lot in store for 2019 as we aim to continuously improve how we help marketers better reach and engage with their target audiences while helping drive ROI so they can be more successful.   

We strongly believe that if we can help businesses to be successful on LinkedIn, those businesses can help their industry become more successful. And when their industry is successful, the economy can be more successful. And when our economy is successful, we all succeed. We are in this together.

Stay tuned.

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