Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat Analytics + LinkedIn: More Ways to Measure and Validate Video Performance

May 30, 2019

Moat and LinkedIn

The last time you were on your phone — what were you doing? Probably checking your text messages or sending an email, but I bet you also watched a video. Why? Because videos make information digestible and easier to understand. On LinkedIn, video is the fastest growing type of content on the platform, and members spend almost 3x more time watching video ads compared to time spent with static Sponsored Content.

As a marketer, you need to know if people are watching your videos and if those videos are contributing to your bottom line — this is why tracking your video metrics is vital.  

Introducing Moat Analytics on LinkedIn

Validating the impact of your LinkedIn video ads just became a no-brainer with Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat Analytics + LinkedIn. Moat Analytics is a third-party analytics and measurement platform that enables advertisers to consistently measure viewability metrics of their ads across multiple platforms. Using the Moat Analytics integration, LinkedIn advertisers can now validate their metrics for accuracy and compare video campaign results across platforms in one streamlined location.

The Moat Analytics integration gives advertisers on LinkedIn the ability to validate their viewability metrics and provides traffic quality verification. “The integration between Moat Analytics and LinkedIn has made it easy for us to validate and compare our client's metrics across the different platforms they advertise on,”shared Agnieszka Somszor, Social Media Manager at Publicis Media Zurich. “We’ve also been able to provide stronger recommendations to clients as we're now able to better analyze what content is working on what platforms.”

We also recently rolled out attention metrics that take signals such as audibility into account. With a deeper understanding of the viewability and audibility metrics your video campaigns are producing, you’re able to better determine which messages best captivate your audience. That provides you with a recipe for finding what works and then following that template — rinse and repeat!  

“Carpenters once told their apprentices to measure twice, then cut once, but in the digital world, effective marketers should measure everything, all the time,” said Mark Kopera, Oracle Data Cloud’s Head of Product for Moat Analytics. “Marketers need to be able to tell that the right audience is seeing their video ads to be sure those ads are having the right impact, and the launch of our integration with LinkedIn will give brands the validation they need around viewability and attention for their video ads.”

We’re excited for you to give this integration a try. To get started, you just need to be a customer of both Moat Analytics and LinkedIn. Learn more about how to set up the integration our getting started guide.

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