Sponsored InMail is Now Message Ad

December 2, 2019

LinkedIn Message Ad

At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we’re always working on ways to make it easier for marketers — across all experience levels — to advertise on our platform and meet their campaign objectives. Setting up and executing campaigns should be easy, even for the everyday B2B marketer. That’s why this past year, we redesigned our Campaign Manager to make it easier to create and manage campaigns on LinkedIn. 

In the setup process, you will now see ad formats options that are clearly defined and easy to understand. Sponsored InMail, our messaging ad format, is now labeled as “Message Ad” in Campaign Manager. To ensure the best customer experience, we have also updated our LinkedIn Marketing Solutions website and Help Center to reflect what’s in-product. 

And if you’re curious, the new name for Sponsored InMail is just that. The ad works exactly the same — it’s just has a simpler new name: Message Ad. 

For more details on LinkedIn Message Ads and how to use them, visit our Help Center

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