The Water Cooler: How Empowering Employees Drives Engagement on LinkedIn

August 25, 2019

LinkedIn Water Cooler

This month the leaders of the Business Roundtable, including JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, issued a statement downplaying the notion that producing shareholder value should be the sole goal of a business. Instead, the Business Roundtable said that corporations should also generate value for customers, employees, suppliers, and their communities.

On the LinkedIn platform, which has become the water cooler for global business professionals, our more than 645 million members seem to instinctively understand that corporations have broader constituencies than shareholders. The 10 articles that generated the most engagement on LinkedIn in July indicate that our members care about the people they work with. They are intrigued by content that offers insight into how companies can build strong, positive cultures for their employees.

Of the top 10 posts on LinkedIn in July, seven dealt directly with how leaders and fellow employees should be treating their colleagues. The top post, titled “Positive Reinforcement,” explored the ameliorative power of praise for both employees and their managers. The second post on the list by Brigette Hyacinth also examined the relationship of employees and managers and encouraged leaders to rely more on the talents, smarts, and insights of those who report to them. And the third post in the top 10 told the story of a worker who shined once she was “celebrated” and given room to do her job, not nitpicked by a boss looking over her shoulder every minute of the day.  

Take a close look at the top 10 posts on LinkedIn for July. It will give you insight into how to write what LinkedIn members want to read.

  1. Positive Reinforcement By Ramesh Krishnaram
  2. Good Leaders Don’t Try to Be the Smartest Person in the Room By Brigette Hyacinth
  3. Don't Stay Where You're Tolerated, Go Where You're Celebrated By Raja Jamalamadaka
  4. Homeless Man Builds Beaches in People’s Backyards and Becomes a Millionaire By Mobarza Khan
  5. A Real Leader Is Someone Who Gives a Damn About You Even if You Leave By Cory Galbraith
  6. Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like Somebody... Because You Can By Ilsye Craft
  7. Just Be Nice — It's Not That Hard By Josh Jones
  8. Fashion Chain Zara Commits to Using 100 Percent Sustainable Fabrics by 2025 By Rachel Frazin, The Hill
  9. Character > Talent By Mike Kaeding
  10. Counteroffers Don't Work — Here's Why You Shouldn't Make or Accept Them By Robert Glazer 

Lessons for Marketers

A clear message from this month’s list is that LinkedIn members react positively to posts that help them interact more kindly and effectively with their colleagues. There were, however, other messages conveyed in the top 10 posts of the month. For instance, a post shared the news that retailer Zara planned to use 100 percent sustainable fabrics by 2025. Environmental messages tend to drive strong engagement on LinkedIn.

Another post on the top 10 list, “Homeless Man Builds Beaches in People’s Backyards and Becomes a Millionaire,” tells a story of a business person overcoming challenges to create a thriving business. This kind of Horatio Alger story is a staple on LinkedIn, month after month. The title is fantastic, too; it just pulls you in.   

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