The Water Cooler: What Does Brigette Hyacinth Know That You Don’t?

November 22, 2019

Water Cooler Brigette Hyacinth

What does Brigette Hyacinth know? Probably lots of things, but one thing the author of “The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence” knows very well is how to get people to engage with her content on LinkedIn.

In October, Hyacinth published four of the top 10 most engaging posts on LinkedIn. Actually, she held down all of the top four spots. Each of her posts on the list generated more than 8,500 comments, likes, and shares.

We’ve acknowledged Hyacinth’s unique skills in a previous Water Cooler post. Here is her own take on why her posts generate so many comments, likes, and shares.

“It’s because it connects with what people are experiencing or have experienced,” Hyacinth says. “They know they are not alone. I give examples using storytelling and people can really relate to this. I also try to share a bit of encouragement. This helps connect with people on a deeper level. Life is full of ups and downs. We all need a little encouragement along the way.”

Why Brigette Hyacinth's posts drive engagement

Let’s take a closer look at what her highly engaging posts seem to have in common.  

First, Hyacinth’s post talk broadly about business and apply to a wide audience. These posts speak about concepts that can be put into action by virtually every business and not just a single vertical market, such as engineering or finance. Hyacinth’s posts offer insight about integrity and the golden rule that can be acted on by any business and by almost any person in that business, from intern to CEO.

Second, the posts tend to explore management, a topic that is regularly at the top of the most popular discussions on LinkedIn. How to be a better manager is a perennial topic, because businesses are always looking for executives who are skilled people managers, who can make all of their employees productive — and make their best employees stick around.

Third, Hyacinth’s posts examine the human side of business. Her posts which tout integrity, kindness, and empathy, are about building a welcoming culture, the kind the everyday human beings want to be a part of.

The other top six posts in this month’s top 10 list tend to adhere to the three elements of Hyacinth’s posts that drive engagement. For example, Daniel Haley drove significant engagement with his post about “positive culture,” and Jan Tegze wrote about why creating a positive “employee experience” can pay dividends for a business.

Here are the top 10 most engaging posts from October

  1. It's Nice To Be Important, But It's More Important To Be Nice! By Brigette Hyacinth
  2. You Get the Talent that You Pay For! By Brigette Hyacinth
  3. Integrity is Everything! By Brigette Hyacinth
  4. Good Bosses Appreciate their Employees! By Brigette Hyacinth
  5. All-Woman Delta Team Flew 120 Girls to NASA to Get Them Excited about Aviation By David Williams, CNN
  6. Positive Culture is a Major Key to Success By Daniel Haley
  7. This Phrase Will Kill your Business By Gavin Dawson
  8. Why Employee Experience is Important By Jan Tegze
  9. The Iceberg of Ignorance By Frank Zijlstra
  10. The Day My Husband Died By Kirsten White

Lessons for marketers

If you want to reach a broad audience, go horizontal like Brigette Hyacinth does. Write about topics that most businesses care about. You can reach a wide audience like that on LinkedIn. But also remember that not every business wants to reach everyone, and it might be that a broad swatch of engagement is not what your business needs. Marketers can also use LinkedIn to reach their business’ target audience, and that target may be fairly narrow. The measurement of reaching a target like that isn’t engaging all people, just the right people — which, by the way, is an objective that can be measured using LinkedIn’s free Website Demographics tool, which shows what kind of professionals (based on their job title, geolocation, industry, and more) are visiting your web pages.  

If you want to take a deeper dive into the posts that are attracting the readership of professionals on LinkedIn, previous Water Cooler articles can be found here. And to reach your audience through LinkedIn Advertising, visit LinkedIn Campaign Manager today.