The Water Cooler: Why Jeff Bezos and Brigette Hyacinth Engage Readers on LinkedIn

June 28, 2019

LinkedIn Water Cooler

Editor's Note: As 2020 approaches, we're looking back at some of 2019's most popular posts on the LinkedIn Marketing Blog. This one ranked No. 12.

If you want to engage the more than 630 million LinkedIn members on the platform, which is fast becoming the water cooler for global business professionals, here are two pieces of advice:

  • Write about Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.
  • Have Brigette Hyacinth, the author of “The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence,” write your article.

In our latest “Water Cooler” list, Bezos was the topic of two of the top four articles that engaged readers on LinkedIn in May. For her part, Hyacinth had three articles in the top 10.

Why? What’s driving LinkedIn members’ interest in Bezos and Hyacinth. The reasons for the engagement with this pair are similar.

People writing about Bezos usually offer some insight into the thinking of one of the most spectacularly successful businessmen of the Internet era. Other business people want to learn what he’s going to do next — and whether they can learn something from his strategic moves.

In her articles, Hyacinth constantly addresses how leaders can build cultures that employees will embrace. In this era of full employment, it’s a topic that many business managers are obsessed with.  

Take a look below at the top 10 of the articles professionals were engaging with on LinkedIn in May:

  1. Jeff Bezos & Amazon Just Offered Employees $10,000 to Quit. Here's Why It's Brilliant — By Robert Glazer
  2. When Your Most Motivated Employees Become Quiet! — By Brigette Hyacinth
  3. I Can’t Recommend These Books Highly Enough — By Bill Gates
  4. A Frustrated Amazon Customer Tried to Return Her Package Directly to Jeff Bezos. His Reaction Was Eye-Opening — By Chris Matyszcyk, Inc.
  5. People Do Not Quit Companies, They Quit Toxic Work Cultures! — By Brigette Hyacinth
  6. If People Aren't Nice, It Doesn't Matter How Smart They Are — By Helen Lao
  7. Integrity Matters Most in a Leader! — By Brigette Hyacinth
  8. Meet the Millionaire CEO of who Bikes to Work and is Breaking the Glass Ceiling, One Role at a Time — By Athira Nair, HerStory
  9. The 6 Lessons to Becoming an Authentic Leader — By Jeff Margolese
  10. Great Leaders Don't Set Out to be a Leader. They Set Out to Make the Difference.  — Oleg Vishnepolsky, DailyMail Online

Lessons for Marketers

Month after month, our Water Cooler lists demonstrate that professionals want to get better at their jobs. They are looking for an edge anywhere they can get it.

  • They want to know what Bezos is doing next and to see if there’s anything they can learn from it.
  • They want to see what insight Hyacinth is offering about how to build a strong employee culture and how to be an effective leader.
  • They want to know what Bill Gates is reading and how those books may be able to better prepare them for the future.
  • And almost every month, there’s an article about diversity and how it makes companies stronger. This month it’s a story from HerStory about the CEO of and breaking the glass ceiling.

For marketers trying to reach professionals, there’s a consistent lesson: Your message should not be about you; it should be about how you can help the members of your audience learn something valuable and maybe become better professionals — and maybe even better people.

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