The Water Cooler: Why the Topic of Business Culture Drives Big-Time Engagement on LinkedIn

July 28, 2019

LinkedIn Water Cooler

LinkedIn has more 630 million LinkedIn members, and increasingly they are viewing the platform as a place to soak up business knowledge. In the past quarter, LinkedIn achieved record levels of engagement in the feed, content shared across the platform, and messages sent.

It’s why LinkedIn is fast becoming the water cooler for global business professionals. It’s the place where all of the important business topics get discussed.

How can you make sure the content you’re sharing on LinkedIn gets noticed? One of the key ways is to write about what LinkedIn members want to read.

In June, business people had culture on their minds, according to our Top 10 list of the articles that LinkedIn members found most engaging. And the interest in creating strong business cultures (and avoiding toxic ones) should not be a surprise, as companies, especially in the tech world, are battling to hire the best talent and, maybe even more importantly, to retain it.   

Five of the top 10 articles on LinkedIn last month addressed culture or leadership, including the top piece by Brigette Hyacinth, “Toxic Work Cultures Make Best Employees Quit.” Take a look at the top 10 of the articles that professionals were engaging with on LinkedIn in June:

  1. Toxic Work Cultures Make Best Employees Quit by Brigette Hyacinth
  2. Look Around, Recognise, And Celebrate A Job Well Done by Vartika Kashyap
  3. A Toxic Work Culture Is Forcing High-Performing People to Quit by Tim Denning
  4. More Bad News for Apple As New iPhone Designs Exposed by Gordon Kelly, Forbes
  5. Leaders Don't Create More Followers. They Create More Leaders. by Brigette Hyacinth
  6. Warren Buffett's Upside-Down Business Philosophy By Bill Gates
  7. Start Your Engine by David Wiseman
  8. Integrity is the Most Important Quality of a Leader. Agree? by Oleg Vishnapolsky
  9. "There is No Elevator to Success, Each One of us Has to Take the Stairs." Zig Ziglar  by Oleg Vishnapolsky
  10. Cleveland Clinic Performs its First in Utero Surgery on Fetus, Repairs Spina Bifida before Baby's Birth

Lessons for Marketers

Business people are often looking for role models to pattern their own businesses or actions after. Month after month, stories about prominent companies or entrepreneurs land in our Water Cooler Top 10 List. This month is no exception with a story about Warren Buffet (written by Bill Gates, no less) landed in the top 10. (You’ll want to take a look at the story if only to see the video of Gates and Buffett behind the counter serving up Blizzards at a Dairy Queen).

A story about Apple, often idolized as a model company, also cracked the top 10. This story features some kvetching about new iPhone designs and shows that big name companies draw eyeballs, whether the news is perceived as good or bad.  

Another article in the top 10, "Start Your Engine," demonstrates the power of helpful advice on the LinkedIn platform. This piece gives some valuable insight on why we procrastinate and how we overcome it. (The advice was welcome here, even though I won’t tell you how long it took us to get around to writing this Water Cooler).

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