What Teachers Are Reading, the Latest on GDPR, and More from the Latest Content Insights Quarterly

October 20, 2019

LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly

The LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly, which dives deep into the LinkedIn platform to surface insights that can help marketers, is back. In this edition of the LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly, we looked at the second quarter of 2019 and explored two areas:

  1. Content that attracted the attention of Teachers and other educators on LinkedIn
  2. The top content members engaged with on GDPR, which officially become one year old in May. 

As always in the Content Insights Quarterly, we also share the top topics and content that LinkedIn’s more than 645 million members engaged with over the last quarter. Read on for insights into how you can better understand how LinkedIn members are engaging with content on the platform – and how you can use that knowledge to help grow your business.  

Audience of the Quarter: Teachers

There are 14 million teachers on LinkedIn. These LinkedIn members work at all levels of education from elementary school through college and even post-graduate programs. 

Top Topics for Teachers

Not surprisingly, this audience of educators on LinkedIn engages is highly likely to engage with topics about their profession. Many of the topics in the top 10 involve educating: Teacher Training, Montessori Education, Pedagogy, and Home Schooling. The presence of these topics in the top 10 indicate that teachers are serious about their profession and getting better at it. The top two topics are about  the United Federation of Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers, which are a pair of teachers' unions, and indicates that teachers are also serious about getting paid fairly for their work. 

Lessons for Marketers

The main lesson for marketers is that teachers (and virtually every other profession on LinkedIn) are in a professional mindset when they’re on our platform. They’re diving deep into their profession to learn how to be better teachers and to be more fairly compensated for their work. Marketers should make sure their messages on LinkedIn recognize the professional mindset of their target audience.  

Top Articles Engaging Teachers

In the second quarter of 2019, the top 10 articles for educators showed that teachers were interested in new ways of teaching. One of the top articles, for instance, offered insight on how to teach children to think critically, while the main theme in the top 10 articles focused on teachers connecting with their students on an emotional level.  Nearly half of the top 10 stories explored empathy and emotion with headlines, like “Should Emotions be Taught in Schools?”, “This School Replaced Detention with Meditation. The Results Are Stunning,” “The Power of Empathy,” “How to Practice Emotional First Aid,” and “Books to Help You Answer Big Questions about Yourself.” 

This diverse collection of articles not only shows the breadth of content on LinkedIn but also highlights that the teaching profession, which doesn't have as many job changes as other fields, still values the importance of becoming better professionals. 

Top Articles Engaged with by Teachers

  1. Universities Should Ban PowerPoint — It Makes Students Stupid and Professors Boring By Paul Ralph, Business Insider
  2. Critical Thinking is a 21st-Century Essential — Here’s How to Help Kids Learn It By Mary Halton, TED
  3. Should Emotions be Taught in Schools? By Grace Rubenstein, TED
  4. Attention Students: Put Your Laptops Away By James Doubek, NPR
  5. Teen Writes Children's Book to Encourage Other Girls to Code By Taylor Pittman, HuffPost
  6. This School Replaced Detention with Meditation. The Results are Stunning. By James Gaines, Upworthy
  7. RSA Shorts — The Power of Empathy
  8. How to Practice Emotional First Aid
  9. Books to Help You Answer Big Questions about Yourself By Thu-Huong Ha, TED
  10. Man Graduates from NYU School Where He Worked as Janitor  By Alexandria Hein, New York Post

Lessons for Marketers

Marketers often view LinkedIn as a place to exchange the written word. But teachers appear to be eager to consume videos on the platform. Two videos appeared in the top 10 pieces of content that teachers were engaging with in the second quarter. Marketers should take note: The obvious format may not always be the most effective. 

Topic of the Quarter: Happy Birthday to GDPR

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR, is a law designed to protect the privacy of individuals in the Internet Age. The law celebrated its first birthday during the second quarter on May 25, 2019. Here are the articles that captured the attention of LinkedIn members in the second quarter of the year.  

Top 5 Articles on GDPR

  1. Profiling and the GDPR: An interview with Mark Singer and Raf Sanchez By Daniel Solove
  2. Prince Harry Won a Legal Battle with the Paparazzi Using Europe's GDPR Privacy Law By Kieran Corcoran, Business Insider
  3. ICO Admits its Own Cookie Policy is Non-Compliant With GDPR By Dale Walker, ITPro
  4. IAPP Releases Interactive 'GDPR Genius' Tool
  5. GDPR After One Year: Costs and Unintended Consequences  By Alec Stapp, Truth on the Market

Lessons for Marketers

Here’s the big lesson for marketers and the companies they work for: Complying with GDPR is not a set-it-and-forget-it type of thing. One year after the regulation took effect, many organizations are still struggling with compliance and the associated costs. As one of the articles discovered, even the regulator responsible for data protection laws acknowledged its own website didn’t conform to GDPR.   

Hot Topics

This quarter’s fastest growing topics on LinkedIn indicate that professionals like to stay up-to-date with events and current affairs, and talk about them on LinkedIn. Here are a handful of the big events that took place in the second quarter of 2019:

  • Earth Day fell on April 22nd
  • The annual Cannes International Film Festival was in May
  • Burning Man took place in August, but interest and coverage started months earlier
  • On April, 11 2019, Julian Assange's asylum was withdrawn following a series of disputes with the Ecuadorian authorities
  • The Masters took place in April at the Augusta National Golf Club

Lessons for Marketers 

The concept of the professional mindset doesn’t mean that professionals interacting with content on LinkedIn aren’t human. They are, obviously, interested in topics outside of work. These days, companies increasingly want their employees to bring their passions to work, which, as this list shows can range from golf to the environment and from exercise to the arts. Marketers should also note that Marketing Metrics was the second-fastest growing topic in the quarter, and it’s a subject that grows more important (and more possible) every day. 

Top Topics on LinkedIn 

Below are the top topics on LinkedIn in the last quarter. Management is, was and continues to be the top topic. As a professional network, LinkedIn aims to remain a valuable platform for advice and insights on careers.

Lessons for Marketers

The “management” topic regularly holds down the top spot on this list. Management is hard; finding good managers is even harder. Professionals are constantly looking for advice on how to do both better, which could be a cue for your content marketing team. This list also reveals that the trend of personal branding hasn’t abated, with top topics such as “career advancement” and “personal development” indicating that self-improvement is top of mind for professionals.  It’s also good news for marketers that Marketing and Advertising landed in the top 10. 

Top Articles on LinkedIn

Below are the top articles on LinkedIn in the last quarter. As usual, there is a diverse mixture of topics and themes. One key trend to emerge last quarter is around what top companies are doing. Several top articles touch on this point. 

Top 10 Articles Engaging LinkedIn Members

  1. Supermarkets in Asia are Now Using Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic Packaging By Ryan General, Next Shark
  2. I've Been Hiring People for 10 Years, and I Still Swear by a Simple Rule: If Someone Doesn't Send a Thank You Email, Don't Hire Them. By Jessica Liebman, Business Insider
  3. Toxic Work Cultures Make Best Employees Quit By Brigette Hyacinth
  4. Toxic Environments Make People Sick, Make Projects Fail, and Make Best Employees Quit
  5. A Toxic Work Culture Is Forcing High-Performing People to Quit By Tim Denning
  6. I Can’t Recommend These Books Highly Enough By Bill Gates
  7. Look Around, Recognise, And Celebrate A Job Well Done By Vartika Kashyap
  8. Jeff Bezos & Amazon Just Offered Employees $10,000 to Quit. Here's Why It's Brilliant By Robert Glazer
  9. When Your Most Motivated Employees Become Quiet! By Brigette Hyacinth
  10. What the Science Says about Meeting Agendas May Surprise You. Plus an Alternative Approach that Could be a Game Changer By Steven Rogelberg

Lessons for Marketers

An overarching theme in these articles is business culture. Professionals are interested in the culture of spectacularly successful companies. Other posts about the value of employees are also attracting interest in these days of low unemployment when it’s imperative to hire and retain great talent

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