A Special at Home Edition of The Sophisticated Marketer

Our dedicated digital issue is designed to help sales and marketing navigate a way through the new normal

May 31, 2020

Sophisticated Marketer Magazine

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on the EMEA LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Blog.

Never in living memory have marketing and sales had to adapt to such massive change in such a short space of time. Many of us have successfully pivoted to remote working over the last few months. Now comes the task of turning that pivot into a sustainable way forward: one that works for each of us, works for our customers and our audiences, and delivers the results that our businesses need.

This special home edition of the magazine pulls together all of the latest insight and expert advice for sales professionals and marketers navigating this situation.

You can read our latest issue online now. Issue 8 is packed with:

  • Organic marketing tactics and techniques to keep your brand visible when budgets are tight
  • The best free resources being made available for sales and marketing teams
  • LinkedIn analysis of the most influential thought leadership during the crisis
  • A guide to hosting virtual events
  • Expert advice on creating compelling video content from home
  • The business case for advertising in a downturn 
  • Insight from sales and marketing leaders on the strategies they’re adopting 
  • Expert contributions from McKinsey’s Michael Betz and B2B Institute Research Fellow Peter Field
  • New research with Edelman on the role of trust in the new landscape 

Read our latest issue and learn how to navigate forward.