We discovered two measurement issues. Here’s how we’re making it right.

November 12, 2020

We are committed to the transparency and integrity of our ads products. This commitment guides us as we improve our offerings and systems to help ensure we maintain a trusted platform.

This also means that when something goes wrong, we address it. In August, our engineering team discovered and then subsequently fixed two measurement issues in our ads products that may have overreported some Sponsored Content campaign metrics for impression and video views. Together these issues potentially impacted more than 418,000 customers over a two plus year period. More than 90% of customers saw an impact of less than US $25, and we are currently working with all customers who were impacted to provide full credit to their accounts. 

To ensure we are able to constantly learn and adjust, we are working with the Media Rating Council (MRC) to proceed with an audit of our metrics, collaborating with Moat by Oracle Data Cloud to measure video viewability, and investing in improvements to our processes and systems.

We are committed to delivering consistent advertising products and analytics that you can rely on and that align with industry and third-party standards. We’ll plan to share updates on the ongoing work that we’re doing to keep our advertising platform safe and trusted.