Engage Your Prospects in More Personal Ways with Conversation Ads

New Messaging Ad Format Brings Engagement to Life

March 17, 2020

LinkedIn Introduces Conversation Ads

Editor's Note: Enjoy this special encore post, which was one of readers' favorites in 2020. 

Today, more than 2.5 billion people (35%) in the world use mobile messaging apps, and that number is expected to grow to nearly 40% by 2023. Not only are people using these apps, but they’re being used more than three hours a day. On LinkedIn, we are also seeing a shift to more personal one-to-one conversations on our platform, where messages sent have quadrupled in the last five years.  

Meeting your customers where they spend their time is just as important as how you engage them. This can be especially true in the B2B space, where buying cycles are longer and multiple stakeholders are involved in purchase decisions, making each conversation and interaction that much more important in building trusted relationships.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you Conversation Ads, the evolution in our new messaging-based ad format that helps you interact with your prospects in more personal and engaging ways. Conversation Ads build on our current Message Ads offering (formerly Sponsored InMail), and feature a “choose your own path” experience that lets you create full-funnel campaigns with multiple customized calls-to-action, like product education, webinar sign-ups, and ebook downloads.

Conversation Ads include a variety of options to help you serve more personalized content based on where your prospect is in the customer’s journey. These ads are designed to help your prospects and customers access the content and offers most interesting to them instantly, driving higher-quality engagement for you.

Conversation Ads can be used with other features like Lead Gen Forms and Conversion Tracking to help turn your conversations into conversions. What’s more, they’re designed for real-time engagement, which means messages can only be sent when the prospect is active on LinkedIn and in the right mindset.

“By turning ad engagements on LinkedIn from one-sided messages to two-sided conversations, Hired saw a big uptick in quality candidates entering the system, said Chase Gladden, Growth Marketing Manager at Hired. “The clickthrough rate was almost 5X higher than what we’d seen previously, which goes to show the level of engagement is pretty wild when you’re able to provide multiple opportunities to click.”

Conversation Ads will be rolling out globally as a public beta to all advertisers in all languages, over the next few weeks. To learn more about Conversation Ads, please visit our Marketing Solutions website.

You can also join us on Tuesday, May 12, at 11am PT/2pm ET for our webinar, "Messaging Strategies for the Modern Marketer: Turning Conversations into Conversions," in which we'll introduce you to LinkedIn’s Sponsored Messaging formats — including our newest format, Conversation Ads.