Ogilvy Becomes First Agency to Reach 1 Million Followers on LinkedIn

October 30, 2020

Screenshot of Ogilvy LinkedIn post

It took marketing communications agency Ogilvy six years to amass 500,000 followers on its LinkedIn Page. It took just two years to double that figure and reach 1 million followers several weeks ago.

“Reaching the 1 million milestone is a validation of all the hard work that our team has put in over the years,” says John Vetrano, Ogilvy’s Worldwide Social Media Manager and Community Growth Strategist. “It’s a testament to the incredible minds and creative genius of our amazing colleagues, and it’s a tribute to Ogilvy's rich heritage of excellence dating back to 1948. I think David Ogilvy would have loved LinkedIn.  He understood the power of word-of-mouth and personal connections in building brands including that of his own agency, having once said, “If we treat our employees well, they will speak well of Ogilvy & Mather to friends. Assuming that each employee has 100 friends, 250,000 people now have friends who work for Ogilvy & Mather. Among them are present and prospective clients.”

Ogilvy is a prime example of an organization that has made efficient and effective use of its LinkedIn Page — which is a free way for an organization to share content and build followers on LinkedIn. Any organization can create a LinkedIn Page. Content shared on LinkedIn Pages appears in the LinkedIn feed of whoever follows the Page. When used skillfully, as Ogilvy has done, Pages can amass large, relevant followings and become conduits for organizations to share content with their target audience — which can include potential hires, prospects, customers, and partners.  

Ogilvy places an emphasis on its LinkedIn Page for two key reasons. “First, by spotlighting the incredible and diverse talent of our employees, we attract future talent and bolster our reputation as an employer of choice for all,” Vetrano says. “Second, LinkedIn is a perfect platform to meet both current and prospective clients where they are. With our LinkedIn page, we’re able to showcase our creativity and strategic expertise to drive increased consideration by key decision makers.”

On its LinkedIn Page, Ogilvy regularly shares a broad array of content based on six pillars: creative work, thought leadership, webinars, talent, news and events. The content ranges from branding to lead generation. “We’ll look at CTR and download rates if the content is meant to drive traffic to a recent white paper,” Vetrano says. “On the other hand, when we post a quote from our founder David Ogilvy, we’ll look at shares and engagements metrics.”

Recently, Ogilvy has seen marked success in using LinkedIn Events to engage with its target audience. A key example is Ogilvy’s participation in Nudgestock, a festival exploring behavioral science.

Nudgestock, Vetrano explains, is “traditionally held each year on the English coast, however because of the global pandemic, we needed to adapt from a physical event to a fully virtual one. The team behind Nudgestock turned this challenge into an opportunity by going global. Using Linkedin’s ability to live steam, we beamed over 14 continuous hours of live content to 30,000+ registered attendants all across the world. Using Linkedin as our anchor, we activated our other social networks to drive both attendance and engagement. On the day of the event, #Nudgestock2020 was trending on Twitter by 9:30am BST. One estimate put the total media value for the event over $18 million.”

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