Supercharge Your B2B Marketing Strategy With ABM

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November 10, 2020

Live with Marketers: Headshots of participants

Marketers are adaptable by nature. We love to experiment, optimize, discover new best practices and keep refining them. Stagnation is not in our vocabulary.

These traits have been put to the test in 2020. We’ve lost access to tactics like in-person events and sales conversations. Many marketers are seeing belt-tightening and budget restrictions, too. But we persevere, we adapt, and we thrive.

B2B marketers were beginning to embrace account based marketing (ABM) at scale before the pandemic hit. Now, ABM has become an essential part of a successful B2B marketing strategy. In the face of tightening budgets and limited in-person interaction, ABM is crucial for engaging high-value accounts, identifying opportunities, and meeting these opportunities with personalized outreach and laser-focused content.

It’s no surprise that a majority of marketers are looking toward ABM as a cornerstone for their ongoing strategies. A recent survey of 800 B2B marketers found that 54% already have used ABM, and a whopping 80% plan to invest more moving forward.

To help you refine your ABM strategy, we’re going Live with Marketers @ Home on Tuesday, November 17th at 11a.m. PT.

Check out a quick preview below, and register here to attend. 

Live with Marketers @ Home:  ABM Is Alive and Well

For this episode of our award-winning talk show for and by marketers, I’ll be hosting an expert discussion with VP of Marketing Jason Widup and Emily Anthony, Sr. Director of Media Services at Merkle. Together, we’ll explore actionable advice on how to make ABM more successful, as well as inspiring stories to help drive your ABM strategy. 

Join us to learn:

  • Why ABM makes sense for every B2B marketing strategy. There’s no denying ABM takes effort — both within the marketing department and in pursuing alignment with sales and customer service. We’ll detail why that effort is more than worth undertaking.
  • What’s next for ABM. Our practitioner panel will share how their strategies and tactics are evolving through the pandemic and beyond, and which trends marketers should keep an eye on.
  • Success stories. You’ll hear from marketers who are achieving remarkable results with ABM and how they did it.
  • Tips for kickstarting (or refining) your own ABM program. Whether you’re currently running an ABM program, testing the waters, or just thinking of dipping a toe in, you will find useful advice here.

We hope you will come with your most pressing questions for the panel, too — we will be taking audience questions throughout and making them part of the discussion. 

Account based marketing has emerged as a leading B2B strategy over the past decade. Now, as the technology to automate at scale has matured, and marketers are pressed to do more with less and prove their ROI, ABM should be a foundational part of any smart marketer’s strategy.

We hope you will join us to watch, learn, and engage on this episode of Live with Marketers. Wherever you are on your ABM journey, this conversation will help speed you on to the next level.

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